Managing the emotional stress of moving day

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When going through the process of moving home, you will find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster.

Some days you will be excited, and other days you will be scared. Some days you will be full of joy at the prospect, and other days you will be filled with sorrow at the thought of saying goodbye.

And on moving day itself, some of these emotions will be exacerbated, especially when it comes to those feelings of sadness, grief, and fear. Well, for some of us anyway; your experience may be very different.

But in the event that moving day could be an emotionally difficult day for you, here are some suggestions to help you get through it.

#1: Emotionally purge yourself before moving day

Before moving day arrives, do all of those things that you might otherwise do on moving day. Take the time to say goodbye to your friends and neighbors, and shed as many tears as you need to. Let your children do the same, as their need to say goodbye to others may be as strong as yours. Take a fond walk around your home too, and say farewell to any parts of your house that have given you happy memories. We know this sounds silly, but it can actually help with the grieving process. And perhaps have a party, as this is a good way to get the people you will be saying goodbye to together, and it will give you the opportunity to do something fun to distract you from your tears. 

#2: Pack a box of comfort items

When you’re packing your boxes, prepare an emergency comfort box for moving day. For your children, it might be a favorite toy or a blanket. For you, it might be a box of soft tissues for which to wipe away your tears, a comfortable pillow to rest against when you’re finally away, and a packet of tasty treats (preferably healthy) to give you some source of comfort. They might only be small things, but when you and your family are trying to manage any difficult feelings, they could do much to make your lives a little easier. 

#3: Get as much help as you can

In the event that you are feeling emotionally worn out on moving day, take up any offers of help you can find. From moving boxes from A to B to cleaning up your property, let other people help you with the tasks you have to do. To ease you from some of your worries, you might also want to consider professional help. So, do find the best removalists in town, and do consider the support of a professional cleaning service, as some of your stress will then be alleviated. 

#4: Keep in mind the reasons why you’re moving

To reduce the possibility of any negative feelings, remember why you are leaving. Keep in mind the opportunities for a better life your new home will afford you and remember those aspects of your old home that you don’t particularly like. By switching your mindset from grief to gratitude, you might forget about your sorrow and have more optimism instead. 

When you arrive at your new home, many of your sad emotions will disappear as you enter your new life. But until that joyous moment arrives, consider our suggestions, especially if you suspect you might be an emotional wreck on moving day.

Take care, and thanks for reading. 

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