Our yoga studio is a unique boho boutique experience. Escape the busy day to day and join us for daily classes, workshop and retreats. The classes are sacred, safe spaces with experienced instructors to guide you through a mind, body and spirit connection. We provide an intimate experience with a max class of 10.

woman relaxing in yoga mat
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Thinking about trying yoga for the first time? You are ready to live your best life, leaving drama, chaos and stress in the dust! I feel you – be prepared that yoga will change every aspect of your life.

I think it’s important you walk in knowing what to expect at our facility because I like to do things just a tad different and it takes away the overwhelm when you know what to expect.

Yoga is more than just a form of exercise.
It’s the path to enlightenment and true self discovery. The word itself means “union” in Sanskrit and this relates back to its original meaning – union among all aspects our life (thoughts included). When one lives as if they are one with everything around them then there can be no separation between what goes on inside your head or heart. It’s about appreciating your body, your life, and your circumstances.

If you’re interested in learning more about the origins of yoga, check out The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, as well as teachings by legendary yogis Paramansa Yogananda and Swami Vivekananda.

  • Yoga is more than just a way to stay in shape, it’s about exploring your creativity and finding peace. The ancient practice has been around since 1500 Bc when Hinduism practitioners began using the Sanskrit word “yoga” which meant ‘to bind’. It wasn’t until later did people realize what they were doing with this simple word; It’s a philosophy of how to live well by transforming yourself and how you experience daily life with all of its ups and downs.
  • You don’t need expensive clothing or any baseline level of flexibility, stamina or fitness to try yoga. It is for every shape, size and level. At The Sweetest Little Life you will be welcomed with different modifications to each pose and when in doubt child’s pose is you’r go to when feeling overwhelmed. If you can’t do a certain pose, don’t stress.
  • You may experience some soreness after your first class. Yoga works muscles that aren’t often used, even if you are a regular in other sports. You will be waking up those sleepy spots that have been laying dormant for some time.
  • Any time you are trying something new—movement-related or not—there can be judgment and expectation. We are our own worst critics. This studio is women based so we all GET IT! Take a deep breath and RELEASE expectations.
  • While the breathing exercise itself may seem important, the most important thing to learn is awareness of breath.
  • Bring a mat and water bottle. (Mats are also provided by the studio if you do not have one yet!)
  • Wear comfy and fitting clothing that you can MOVE in and feel comfortable doing so.