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Hi Friends! I’m so excited you are visiting The Sweetest Little Life. First off you should know a little about me so you can relate to my purpose and story! Being a wife to a Paramedic in San Francisco, which is 3 hours away from where we live, creates most days to be a balancing act of littles, home, fur babies, a business, and goal chasing. I have a passion for helping others and lifting them up through my trials and tribulations. I love all things DIY and am on a constant mommy journey in creating healthy littles who will turn into GREAT humans! Parenting is MESSY and us Mama Bears have to stick together and learn to Parent with a Positive Purpose! I am a firm believer in Karma and try to sprinkle positive vibes wherever I can, even on the days I feel like hiding in my closet and crying. I own an Etsy Shop called Sealed With A Kiss Gift and it has been a life changing experience for me. Now I get to stay home with my little ones and create! My journey began as a makeup artist and then I realized after 10 years, high maintenance 24/7 was not for me. (I’m an extroverted introvert) I realized I could create hand made items, work and meet these AMAZING other makers, and live a more simple and satisfying lifestyle with my family. Through out the year I run different workshops to help people launch their dreams and businesses and learn from my Whoops Moments! Lets rewind a bit…. I am in my 30’s and have owned three failed business. I was like a hamster on a wheel trying so hard to run into this concrete wall with no door. The problem…. I had no drive behind the doing… Than One morning it hit me like a ton of bricks… It Happened!!!! I┬áhad the aha moment that I was not chasing my passion inside but chasing materialistic things which did not set my heart on fire! Being a Mom was my dream, my goal, but yet I was gone so much working I felt a piece of me was constantly missing! I just knew there was something MORE!! I was meant for MORE! That’s what we all want… Am I riiiighhht? A happy healthy soul with an Authentic Drive for Living! Fitness and Adventure is huge for me, I think setting a healthy life style example for yourself and your children is crucial! Not to mention it holds my sanity for playing super mom most days… It will be tid bits of life, interior design, DIY, Etsy how to’s, fitness, and Mommin’ with a Purpose! I hope you have come to the exact right place to get exactly what you need! My commitment to you is to be vulnerable (I just love this word) Organic, a loving blogging friend you can maybe relate to on a thing or two and light a spark in yourself to love all around you in this sweet little thing called life!1b874b448cbfa81dafe7aa83eaea5554

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