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What is alkalized water and how does it work?

Going beyond your standard H2O, Kangen water is here to give you the hydration boost that’ll make all the difference. But its superpower doesn’t stop there – this liquid lifeline helps provide energy and focus as well! And we don’t just mean for workouts; it also works with weight loss due to its alkaline properties which neutralizes acidity caused by eating acidic foods in our diets. Plus, detoxification effects? Tick! You can thank those same magical pH-balancing qualities for cleansing out your colon too. So why not transform regular tap into revitalizing Kangen water today – because when life hands you lemons… treat yourself to a glass of confidently clean refreshment instead. We’ve seen first hand healing in our customers in miraculous ways through water.

Can we request products in store?

Need something done quickly? No problem! We’ve got you covered every Saturday – we’ll have whatever it is ready in a week or less. Make sure to join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/thesweetestlittlelife or call 916-809-3397 for product request.

What is the address of each location?

The Holistic Healing Center & Yoga Studio is located at 617 High Street Auburn, CA. 95603.
The Apothecary and Health Food Market is located at 609 High Street Auburn, CA. 95603.

How does trauma somatic’s work?

Trauma can leave us feeling completely overwhelmed and disconnected from our bodies. With somatic’s we are reminded that the body has wisdom of its own – a knowledge within all of us to help in healing trauma. Giving attention to both physical sensations as well as thoughts and feelings gives incredible potential for transformation. Every trauma we experience is connected to the body, and Somatic Experiencing unlocks a revolutionary new way for us to process it. Instead of dredging up thoughts or confronting fears as in other therapies, this approach allows you visit traumatic memories through physical sensations and release them physiologically. Instead of creating a separation between mental and physical health at The Sweetest Little Life we believe in full integration while embodying all parts of yourself and becoming whole. Unwind in our tranquil Salt Cave, where private somatic therapy and reiki treatments can be experienced. Here you’ll find a grounding atmosphere as well as an extra dose of peace-of-mind – your only responsibility is to come open and ready to find the medicine of breath through your session.

Where can I find the class schedule for yoga and workshops?


Kangen water is considered the very best drinking water because of its incomparable powers of hydration, detoxification and anti-oxidation.”

Dr. Hiromi Shinya recommends Kangen Water