The Soul Box


The Soul Box is designed to center, provide peace, and a smile through this time.



It’s that timmmmeeeeee – I have worked so hard on every piece of this down to the last little detail and I couldn’t be more excited to announce our Pre Sales are LIVE ✅

To pre order simply shoot me a DM or copy and paste this link in your browser.

During this time my heart called for the Soul Box and what a need we all have to center and embrace the stillness to grow, nurture and love.

What’s included?

🌿Good Vibe Tribe Distressed Hat
🌿1 Sage Stick
🌿2 Palo Santo Sticks
🌿Rainbow Tank
🌿Harmonized Custom Blend Roller
🌿1 Selenite Crystal
🌿Chakra Crystal Set with 7 balancing stones.
🌿Chakra Beaded Bracelet


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