The Team.

Courtney Hanson


Hey soul sister! I’m Courtney – best selling author, podcast host, yoga instructor – E-RYT® 500, reiki master, hypnotherapist, trauma-somatics healer and inspirational speaker. I help women remember their souls purpose and return home in their bodies. I am a wife, mother of three, fur mom to three and successful entrepreneur. My journey through life is the framework that has led me to serve others. I was homeless on food stamps, and a closet alcoholic who tried to take my own life due to trauma. I haven’t just overcome darkness, trauma, anxiety and depression – but I have used these pains as lessons and stepping stones to mold me into the woman I am today, helping others reach their goals physically, mentally, and spiritually. Let me help you break through barriers, step into your purpose and become the Divine Goddess you were destined to be.

Vanessa Cooper

Podcast Coordinator – Pinterest Executive

Vanessa has been with The Sweetest Little Life since 2020 and is the creative mind of our Pinterest. She also runs the behind the scenes of our Podcast and finds guest to continue bringing you wisdom and inspiration each month. She is magic and we are forever grateful to have her on the team.

Shannon Siemens

Reiki Practitioner – Kids Yoga Instructor

Hi friends!! My name is Shannon and I’m super glad you’re interested in kids yoga. I am a mama of two and have been yoga-ing consistently for 10 years now. When my daughter was 1 year old, I found yoga again and haven’t looked back. I’ve been a small business owner for over 11 years and enjoy gardening, painting, cooking, dancing, animals, hiking, adventuring, smiling, and ya know….life!As a certified Kids Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness Coach, Reiki practitioner, and an herbalist in training I find great joy in helping the youngest generations reach a level of peace within their hearts that most of us don’t find until it’s too late. Children have this intrinsic light and love energy that is undeniable, and I want to help your kiddos and teens see this. Let’s get moving and a shaking!

Apple De Castro

Social Media Manager Marketing

If you’ve commented on The Sweetest Little Life you’ve already met this beautiful soul. Apple runs all of our social media presence and marketing for Within on the influencer side. She makes sure everyone is heard, seen and responded too! Apple has been with The Sweetest Little Life since 2021 and we are forever grateful for the creativity she holds.

Ellie Hartman

Belly Dance Instructor – Yin Yoga Instructor

Hi! I’m Ellie!  I’m a passionate, loving, nurturing, creative, and fun loving kind of gal!  All of these passions, except yoga, found me around the age of 4.   My mom introduced me to Hatha yoga when I was 11.  A year later, she found a cabaret belly dancing class that we could do together.  I couldn’t help but immediately fall in love with both yoga and belly dancing.   Throughout the decades, I have always been happy to guide people who have shown interest in learning specific asanas or belly dancing moves.  In my first 200hr yoga teacher training course, during a 1 on 1 practice teaching session,  I noticed my partner was interested in learning how to do a body roll.  So I figured out a way to incorporated that into the yoga practice.  It’s always fun to go with the flow!

Elizabeth Tucciarone

Reiki Master – Intuitive

Elizabeth is a soul transformational coach, creative consultant, intuitive and most recently has acquired her training as a Reiki Master. Her prior training from an ICF accredited school paved the way for her career in helping others. In her coaching education, she utilized methods to help clients retrain the mind and nurture the body. The only obstacle with coaching; was that it only allowed her to utilize a portion of her abilities. Elizabeth knew there was so much more left to discover within her clients, and answers they needed to hear. She felt restricted in her approach, so she began a new journey into the healing arts where she could better utilize her intuitive gifts and guide others from where they are in a gentle and compassionate way. When Elizabeth isn’t helping others heal and grow into their full potential, you can find her hiking with her fur baby, writing, shooting with her Nikon , and spending time with loved ones.

Bonnie Lewis


Hey all.  What a journey life has been. I started out on a bumpy road of poor self image and bad influences. Between the age of 15 and 17 you could find me hitchhiking across the county, listed as a runaway, or hopping freight trains to Southern California. At age 17 1/2 I found myself 450 miles standing on a street in Ventura California with no money, no food, no place to sleep, and a broken heart. When I called home for help I found none. This was my “coming of age” phase. I learned quickly that I was the only one responsible for me and my life. At age 18 I found insight meditation and it opened me up to a world within myself full of profound truth. I developed a passion for understanding myself, as well as others. A curiosity of what drives are thoughts, emotions, and behaviors has been my driving force in personal development. To clearly define what we want we must experience what we don’t want. My past, although wild and crazy, has led me to my passion and purpose. My hearts desire is to meet people where they are in life and help connect them with their expansion and fuller expression, however they may define it. It is my knowing that within each of us are untapped resources of incredible potential. Through a method called PSYCH-K, I facilitate a process that allows YOU to access this potential within yourself. This simple yet powerful process creates a means of communication between the conscious and the subconscious minds. This is confirmed by a method of muscle testing. During a session, you will be able to consciously create a “goal statement” and through a PSYCH-k “Balance”, re-program the mind with new self enhancing beliefs, reducing stress, and helping you to access your full response potential when meeting life’s  challenges. In addition to PSYCH-K, I offer Human Potential coaching, providing clients with knowledge and understanding of how our minds create the results we experience in life, as well as how to use our higher faculties for achieving goals. I look forward to the opportunity to help you ignite your expansion and fuller expression.

Miles of Smiles