The Power of Praise

This past year has been a hard one for our family to say the least. Everything that could possibly change (minus location) has.

My children naturally started acting out and doing things far out of character. My son became defiant, and as a mom it can be devastating to feel defeated as a parent. I than found this secret that worked better than anything I’ve ever done. Our family has been through PCIT and other therapy for my son but time goes by, life gets stressful, we get overwhelmed and busy. Quit simply we forget they’re tiny little humans and not adults.

It’s our jobs as mothers to teach, guide, and direct them into amazing adults.

After my son was born we made it a point to scale back on the extra curricular’s and focus on our family this year. We have been chasing our tails for so long it was time for some simplicity.

I began praising Audrey & Liam every moment I saw a chance. Clearing a dish, not fighting, helping with chores, picking up garbage…

Anything and I mean anything I saw the opportunity for I would mention and let them know how appreciated they were. Not by saying “Oh you look nice today.” More along the lines of “Wow, that is so cool you saw your sister needed help and lifted her up on the swing, I bet that made her feel so good.” We’re talking all in the details.

Within one week of hanging on for dear life to not yell and lose my shit, our family started to see drastic changes. Not just changes with behavior but change in our dynamics and relationships.

Our entire family has moved in this amazing positive direction and in such a short amount of time. I needed the reminded that sometimes with a little perseverance and humbleness we realize we need to do more as mama’s for these little ones in order to succeed.

So if you needed a little nudge – Cheers because I sure did.

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