Welcome Goddess.

I’m Courtney and so excited to insta – meet you. (That’s the new pandemic slogan) Catchy eh? Really though, I could not be more over the moon that you’re here. I’m a huge believer in signs and just the fact you found this site means something – stay a while, and let’s get acquainted.

First off a little about me personally… I’m a mother to three beautiful littles and a wife to a fireman. We live in the tiny town of Cool, California but originally I am from Seattle. My hobbies are being out doors, traveling, plants, and just being adventurous! I am obsessed with all things boho & a complete spiritual & self love junkie. I’m a total neutrals girl, pisces to the core, and empath.

Vulnerability Check?! Over the years I have walked through some very dark things in life & had to face trauma and some serious past life karma. After my youngest son was born I faced severe post-partum depression and never told a soul until it was almost to late and I almost lost my life. I went on a journey to find healing, strength and perseverance.

In 2020 we completely restructured the aesthetic, goal, alignment and over all mission of The Sweetest Little Life. This is where my heart was calling to help women in healing and living out their dreams by removing the blocks we put on ourselves. These experiences allow me to spread light & love in our universe and I have turned my personal journey into a blessing and career. My calling for life is to help others step into their purpose, live in their dharma, heal and connect the mind, body & soul.

My credentials? I am a licensed energy healing therapist, reiki master, and mindset coach with a strong desire to help women turn their darkness into light and master manifestation to live life healed and as their highest selves.

  • Licensed Reiki Master
  • Licensed Reiki Instructor
  • Licensed Energy Healing Therapist
  • NLP Certified
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy & Meditation Expert
  • Crystal Healing Certified

Take a look around and get familiar! A few things to keep an eye out for while exploring are…

  • Take a peek at our podcast – Based all around the mind, body and soul and we have been so blessed with the most amazing women, full of knowledge and life on our show.
  • Grab a signed copy of my book for 50% off. (Keep your eyes out my second book “Within” the journey to self discovery will be released June of 2021)
  • The Shop is filled with holistic healing and spiritual goodies to assist you on your personal journey. (I am always available by email if you have a question about an item.)