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Find healing, rest and relaxation at The Sweetest Little Life, the premier multifaceted healing center where spiritual wellness is our specialty. We first arrived on the national scene in 2018 through influential podcasting before launching a best-selling Hay House book – ‘Within: Healing Through Sacred Feminine Archetypes’ – in 2021. Now, we’ve gone local with two locations to give you all access to holistic health modalities plus an apothecary/health food market. At our wellness center, we’re focused on inspiring a full body integration of your mind, spirit and physical being. We provide tailored health practices to help achieve an individualized state of balance within oneself – all the way from true. inner peace up through substantial healing depths and exploration of the layers. Here you won’t find generic solutions; instead we offer unique opportunities for personalized exploration into yourself.

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Our Holistic Healing Center & Yoga Studio is located at 617 High Street Auburn, CA. 95603 and The Sweetest Little Apothecary (formerly Kangen) is located at 609 High Street Auburn, CA. 95603. To stay up to date on all our latest adventures and opportunities make sure to join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/thesweetestlittlelife

Full Moon in Scorpio The Sweetest Little Life

Today we go deep into the shadows of integration and what this 5/5/5/5 portal means for YOU! — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/sweetestlittlelife/message
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  2. Empower Your Wellness Journey
  3. Navigating Trauma In Relationships By Mastering Relationship Intelligence
  4. Accessing your Intuition with Terri Britt – Part Two
  5. Midlife Alchemy with Author Dr. Lisa Petty