Can I get a HELLO?

You have a dream. You write it down. You have a goal. You make a plan. You put it to action and before you know it’s a reality. 

I realized this year that it takes team work to make the dream work. My entire life I have tried to carry mountains on my shoulders alone….I’ve gotten far but not to the top. I met these two amazing women  through my son’s school and knew I had to have them involved in some way some how with my ultimate goal of helping other women. (These ladies are the show stopping special ones that make you laugh, are real and raw.) You know the mom friends you painfully “mom date” to find? Personally…This attracts me to people…. REALNESS. Moms, Entrepreneurs, corporate Women, Stay at home wives, workaholics, influencers….Anyone. I wanted to REACH YOU! to help YOU! Everyone has a goal a common purpose….

Bottom line…That purpose is to be the best possible YOU that you can be….To be better than you were yesterday. To learn from your mistakes, make smarter action moves, and to love harder! Am I right???? Ok ok! So last week I met with these phenomenal women at the park, we connected, we brain stormed, we PLANNED….and you know what happened REALITY…..


Meet my two guest writers! We will be brain storming, planning, sharing projects, having our 5 kids go crazy at parks while we attempt to make something special for YOU! Big things for 2018… I wont reveal it all at once, because what fun is that….I will however introduce these amazing women….

Meet Kristen…..


“Hi, I’m Kristen, a blessed and grace-filled mom trying to rekindle my creative spark and also put positivity and encouragement into this world.  I believe women empowering and supporting each other in a REAL way is how we make positive changes for us all. I also love laughing with friends, sci-fi movies and shows (hello Anaconda and X-Files), all things nature, reading, gardening, and being a wife and mom. I am so thankful for my tribe of friends and hope to connect to even more of you out there! I love being a bit sassy as I explore this wonderful, crazy roller-coaster life, so if you want to laugh while we explore our creative and entrepreneurial side, come on along with me.”

Let me also add she loves crockaconda, bacon, and wine… Can I get a HELLO!

Ok Lets meet Heather (She’s amazing) works full time and is PTA president…. (I don’t even go to PTA so no clue how this mama balances, but she will sure tell you.)

IMG_5056 (1)

“Hi, I’m Heather, a grateful, (and juggling) mom on a mission to discover my authentic self, to choose joy every day and to find the true meaning of balance. I am filled with a passion for spreading kindness, choosing joy and finding new adventures in this wild life we live. Women supporting and uplifting each other while pushing ourselves to explore our limits and new experiences is a new but deeply meaningful focus for me. I suppose you could say I’m mostly sweet with a bit of spice! I cherish laughter and enjoy lighthearted sarcasm but my heart beats with sentiment and emotion. I love listening to music and find lyrics to be one of my most therapeutic experiences in life. I enjoy all things centered around relationship building – coffee, wine and food. What else could you need? Sentimental movies, sweet memories with my children and precious time with my beloved tribe of friends are the things that feed my soul. I’m excited you’re here and I look forward to working with you!”

Let me also add that she is PTA president, loves wine, and fried green tomatoes and sappy chick flicks.


Get ready for some mind blowing, hilarious, real, diy, mommin aint easy ish coming up in here! 2018 will be amazing….





I became victim to the box.

I very rarely talk about my personal life. I try to keep every thing professional as apple pie. However maybe I can help a mama or two become not so helpless and feel not so alone with this. Maybe I’ll be shunned…Who knows but I wanted to be real and I promised you when I started this blog to always be vulnerable. So here my shaking little hands go….

My son is a very spirited little man. Vivacious, amazing, typical little boy….. What you do not see is this little boy has been through far more than the average 7-year-old. His biological father was very sick from PTSD and caused some severe trauma with telling him things that were inappropriate…We wont go into too much detail. Basically my child was afraid of everything by the age of 4. He thought planes were spraying aerosol trying to kill him, if an apple didn’t have an organic sticker on it he would throw it at me in the store and scream I was killing him by feeding him fruit that wasnt organic…. It was a night mare. I threw myself into straight survivor mom mode and we went to intensive PCIT (Parent Child Therapy), Counseling, Play Therapy, Parenting classes…. (I had no idea what was causing this until my son could speak clearly and my husband and I started to put the pieces together of what was happening on his visitation time.) Lets fast forward. After a horrible custody battle where my character, insides, and confidence were basically Destroyed I became strong….Like hammer head, white shark, turtle shell strong….. I decided I would no longer give a FUCK what anyone said or thought about me.

The only thing that mattered at this point was MY CHILD. HIS WELL BEING. HIS PROTECTION. AND HIS HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

He deserves this…just as any other child. When he was 5 we gained full custody of my son with protection for his well-being.

We have these illusions of what our lives will look like when were younger and sometimes we hit speedbumps…What I have learned is THATS OK!!!!! My outcome came out far better than anything I could have ever imagined. I married what I think is my soul mate…(like really the man of my dreams.) an amazing father to my children and all my son knows as daddy. This makes my heart skip a beat.

When my son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of six we decided to not medicate. My favorite thing about my child is his drive for life, his little spirit, his old soul… It drives me crazy, makes me laugh, but most of all it’s WHO HE IS. He is ALL BOY….. Now here’s the problem….As his mom I do not believe he has ADHD. I think he has some serious testosterone and is a typical boy. For some reason in today’s society this is not allowed any more.

We are such a sensitive arrogant entitled generation that boys are supposed to act like girls.

We are WIRED differently. (boys and girls.) Boys will not sit at a desk for 8 hours and read books. They want to lift rocks and find bugs, climb trees, do math by counting the stones they find at the beach, not by sitting counting numbers on a paper. So whats easy? TO MEDICATE… mmm.mmm.mmm.

Maybe this is easy? Is easy right? I personally do not think so. I started to question myself after talks with family, teachers, etc.

Am I wrong?

Should I just medicate and make it easier?

HELL NO. My gut was screaming…. So I did a ton of research, found alternative motives and realized three things.

  1. BOYS ARE BOYS. They are not girls…. LET THEM BE BOYS. They are hyper, they are silly, they want to be boys…DONT FALL VICTIM TO THE BOX of what they are “supposed” to be..What you thought you would have in a child…LET THEM BE just that…THEM. It’s really beautiful when you step back and can guide them instead of force them in the correct direction.
  2. Vitamins and supplements can cure pretty much anything. Often times its as simple as a vitamin their short in.
  3. Output and Excersize. Boys are meant to move…WE all our. Get out…run, hike, play. Boys are not designed to sit in a corner and fold their hands…(this goes back to cave man times.)

Most of all follow your gut. Follow your heart. You are a mother. That means your child was designed specifically to need you. Do not let them down, do what’s right and what you know they need. That’s why you get the title Mother.

Some children truly do need medication, don’t get me wrong. If they don’t though and you can find an alternative…DO THAT.

Parenting is Messy.

Accept it. Love it. Know this time goes SO FAST.

Most of all Enjoy the Little things…They really are the BIG things in the end.

Lets end this with Mother Theresa.

“If you want to change the world, go home and LOVE your family.”


Stuck Inside Creativity

This week I had two sick little’s home for a week and had to get real creative with keeping them busy as the energy level was still there and we were stuck inside. I love projects that not only are fun but also have some sort of learning or character building behind them!

Little Hands Change the World Project

What you need:

  • Craft Tray – (I try to make clean up as easy as possible.) Washable Craft Trays
  • Paint
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

unnamed (1)

I traced their hands on the paper and had them each cut out their hands on construction paper. We then placed the little hands in the craft tray and went crazy with abstract paint style on the hands. 


Second we took a bowl and traced the circle on the second piece of paper. The kids cut this out as well and repeated the steps above. 

unnamed (2)

We then let it dry for about an hour and glued the hands to the world and came up with 3 different ways we were going to make a difference to help the world and our community. 

Water Color Crayons

unnamed (3)

Switch it up

Sometimes all you need for some kid motivation is a little change up of the normal routine. I found these amazing watercolor crayons that seriously glide and are super fun to color with in general….Ready for the best part you dip the crayon in water and grab a paint brush and it turns into mess free coloring and painting. I let them use these instead of a pencil for homework and I have never seen my son more focused on his school work! Getting creative does not have to be hard sometimes the simplest things the kids enjoy the most!

unnamed (4)

Home made Puffy Paint

What you will need: 

  • Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring
  • Elmers Glue

Lets Make it!

    1. Put down your craft tray to protect your table. Wearing an apron is also a good idea.
    2. Mix equal parts of shaving cream and Elmer’s glue.
    3. Add food coloring ( a few drops at a time til desired color.)
    4. Apply the glue to a heavy paper. (You can also sponge it on if easier.)
    5. Let the Paint Dry.
    • Window Clings: Add puffy paint to wax paper in small shapes and designs. Let the paint dry overnight and then you can peel off the puffy paint and it will stay in its shape. You can place them on the window and they make super fun window decorations. These are great to do for holidays!
    • Puffy Paint Shirts: Add puffy paint to t-shirts or sweatshirts in fun and cute designs. Let the paint dry overnight on the clothing, then it will be time to wear it in style. Be sure to hand wash only.
    • Puffy Paint Greeting Cards: Add a little puffy paint to a folded greeting card to add a cool 3D look. Kids will love to make different shapes and creations with puffy paint and then gift their cards to friends and loved ones.

Happy Crafting Mama Bears.

California Dreaming

th (13)

San Francisco: With a thriving city like this you can view the amazing arts scene, world class food, a culturally diverse population, and countless tourist destinations, including Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Presidio, and numerous museums. The average cost of a mortgage is $3,500 (this being for a low end style home.) The cost of living here is 26% higher than the rest of the US, which is why so many people commute to work in the city. A beautiful vacation destination though if your into beautiful beaches, aquariums, and art.


Los Angeles: This city is fast paced and makes you feel alive! LA is all about the glitz and glam with beautiful destinations and kid friendly activities such as Universal Studios, Pirate Dinners, Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Wax Museum and so much more. The average cost of a mortgage in the LA area is actually less than you would think ranging from $2000-$3000. Moving here though expect a lot of time in your car, as traffic is a challenge to go anywhere!  


Fresno: A hidden little gem with a ton of charm. Fresno has amazing underground gardens, the Chaffee Zoo, Museums, Art Galleries, Wineries, and amusement parks. Very kid friendly with beautiful trails and outdoor activities to explore. The average cost of living is between $1200-$3000 with a central location, family friendly environment and a ton to explore. Create your fresh start.

th (1)

Santa Barbara: Southern California Beauty with Northern California Reality People. The snootiness is just not in the city! Everyone seems very down to earth and friendly. Santa Barbara has beautiful beaches, is a college town, and has attractions such as the Stearns Wharf, State Street, and a ton of Eco Out door activities. The average cost of mortgage is $254,000.

th (2)

Napa: Beautiful rolling hills of Wine Country. Amazing culture, fun shopping experiences, wineries on every block with charm and quaintness of a small town feel. The average mortgage is between $2500-$3000 in the city but the outskirts you can find as low as $2000. This city is quiet and peaceful with a relaxing spa like atmosphere.

th (3)

Lake Tahoe: If your athletic or adventurous, there is no place in the world like Tahoe. From parasailing, beautiful beaches, mountain activities, snow boarding, skiing, sledding, fun restaurants, and any water activity you can think of this is your spot. Some of the most beautiful trails in the world with Cool Summers and Snowy Winters. Great vacation spot! The average cabin cost is between $2500 – $5000.

th (4)

San Diego: Surfing the beautiful oceans, sunshine nearly every day,  Pacific Beach, San Diego Zoo, Whale Watching, Surf Lessons, SeaWorld and a hot downtown night life makes this a desirable vacation spot or living spot for the energized! Cost of living averages $2000.


Anaheim: Hello, Goodbye!!! My favorite vacation spot and also known as the Happiest Place on Earth. This is the home of Disney Land and California Adventure! Amazing Spot to Spend 3-5 days and escape reality to become a kid again. Mortgage here is surprisingly low but get ready for tourist everywhere all the time…Average Mortgage is between $1200- $2000.

th (5)

The Sierras: Relaxing and Peaceful. Very quiet area for the most part and covers several “small mountain cities” Amazing trails and out door activities, close rivers and lakes, rafting, snow boarding, and skiing are all regular activities. The average cost of mortgage is $1800-$3000.


Santa Cruz: comparable to “Jersey Shore” with a beautiful boardwalk, totally kid friendly, very laid back city, surfing, beaches, warm but not too hot. Red wood forest steam train adventures, Sailing and Amusement park and game atmosphere down at the board walk. You can also escape to the cute little town for beach restaurants and sand between your toes. Average cost of living is between $2000-$4000.

 th (6)

Monterey: Gorgeous Bay off of the ocean where you can go down to the beach and find starfish, amazing shells, hear the giant waves crash in. Kayaking in the bay is a favorite of mine, seals and otters come up all around you while out on the ocean. Monterey also offers some of the best clam chowder, and of course the famous aquarium. Average cost of living in this quaint beach town is from $3500-$5000.

th (7)


th (8).jpg

Palm Springs: Palm Springs pretty much has it all. Vegas with out the casinos everywhere. Botanical Gardens, Cactus to clouds trail, Museums and Art, Tram Way, Joshua Nation Park, hot air balloon rides! Absolutely gorgeous city to soak in some rays. Average Mortgage is between $2000-$3500.

Now let’s get adventuring. Remember life is about taking chances, enjoying experiences, and taking in the little moments. 


Special Guest App – Breaking the Barrier

starving artist is an artist who sacrifices material well-being in order to focus on their artwork.[1] They typically live on minimum expenses, either for a lack of business or because all their disposable income goes toward art projects. Related terms include starving actor and starving musician. – Wikipedia

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to a new app that has quickly become a true game changer for many talented artists and their potential audiences. “Special Guest” is an app that has created a platform for artists of all kinds to be discovered and enjoyed by new and far reaching audiences. Audiences that likely would never have found these gifted artists using the traditional means of “talent searching”.

Upon discovering “Special Guest” I was immediately intrigued by the story and the creators behind this unique app. Damon Wayans Jr. and Kris Jones have created something truly special. I had to hear about the purpose and the journey behind Special Guest App. One of the aspects that speaks to the core of the artist that I have become, is the idea that anyone with talent and drive can now have a much louder voice and opportunity to share their gifts than they have ever had before.

The description on the main page of the app says it all, “Special Guest is an app that allows anyone, anywhere to hire live entertainment on demand.” However, the core message and main goal behind this app goes far beyond that statement. The goal of “Special Guest” is broad and meaningful – Imagine America’s Got Talent right in your back pocket!

Special Guest has three main components. It’s these three components, all tied together in this one app that make Special Guest a dynamic and exciting game changer. These components are simple yet powerful – descriptive introductions of the artists/talent, easy to navigate geo-located feed showing both artists and venues in your area and finally, a secure platform allowing users to easily communicate with the talent they are working with.

Anyone can hire talent by using this app. It is being likened to “Uber” for hiring live entertainers. There are other apps that make it easy to locate and hire makeup artists, special event planners, really anything you could want. Now, there is a quick way to access, communicate with and hire the copious amount of talent that beautifully exists in our society. One of the unique aspects of Special Guest is how easy it now is for non-traditional venue hosts like business owners, parents or teachers to find and hire talent for any number of events. Corporate events, birthday parties, holiday parties, weddings, anniversaries, or any other event – there is now an effective and efficient way to make an event’s entertainment memorable! In addition, the Special Guest App has a program called “Venue Connect” that books talent on behalf of venues where they act as the talent buyer. Special Guest is currently piloting the program in Los Angeles and actively booking talent on a daily / nightly basis across several large venues.

This app is for everyone and anyone who has a talent. Its genius to think that the “little people” now have this amazing opportunity to be found and truly live out their passions. The people of experience have more opportunities to book gigs, and everyone in between has a chance to mingle and hire with a tap of the finger!

In an industry swarming with talent, not everyone who deserves the limelight will get their “big break.” Many people are blessed with phenomenal talents but very few of them are “discovered” and their talents are left unknown. The question that the creators of “Special Guest” wanted to answer is, how can this dynamic be changed? How can this phenomenal talent be accessed by anyone, in any place, at any time? The concept of making these artists and their talent available to the public in a very accessible manner is the core goal behind Special Guest. Being able to find and book unique talent for any event imaginable without having to be connected with some sort of agent has changed the landscape completely for both the artists and their potential audiences. Finding talent for a dinner party, a child’s birthday, wedding or any other number of special events is now so much easier thanks to this ground-breaking app Special Guest.

I love a good story and the creation of this app and this friendship is exactly that. Of course, I wanted to know all the ins and outs of this incredible app but I also wanted to know how these two clicked so quickly and formed such a strong working relationship with the common goal of creating an app to change people’s lives. Damon and Kris were introduced through a common friend in the entertainment industry. They were inspired by the idea of democratizing how talented people get discovered and ultimately, paid. If Special Guest can streamline the process for talent and venues alike, while making it fair for non-managed talent to get paid to do what they love, then Damon and Kris feel like they will have helped make the world a better place. There are far too frequent stories of highly talented people struggling to get recognized and paid on a regular basis. Talent is abandoned instead of shared to brighten the world simply because it is difficult for people to access. For all of these reasons, when Damon approached Kris about the concept for Special Guest, Kris saw the big picture. It reminded him of another app that he invested in and helped build called French Girls App. French Girls is an app that helps digital artists get paid for drawing portraits and other types of art. With Special Guest, they are taking on a well-established (but in many ways broken) talent booking process and turning it into a streamlined form of communication and accessibility. By creating a success with Special Guest, Kris and Damon will help millions of people get paid to do what they love to do and in the process, help entertain millions of people who love experiencing life entertainment. Special Guest was strong right out of the gate. The app has highly recognizable names available to book such as comedian Damon Wayans, JrBarack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown, actress and TV star Hillary Hawkins, American Idol inspiration Willian Hung, and America’s Got Talent finalist Olivia Applegate. The list of available talent is growing on a daily basis, as are the available venues to host an event.

It is no secret that I love people, their stories, their backgrounds and what fuels their passions. I believe we all have a purpose and a purpose coupled with a passion is dynamite. That is exactly what I learned was behind the magic of Special Guest when I had the honor to speak with Kris Jones and Damon Wayans Jr. about their Special Guest App.

While speaking with Kris and Damon about Special Guest, I was able to catch their vision and passion for the opportunities that this app will provide to so many people. With the creation of this app, they have found a way to break through the barrier that has existed for so long when it comes to artists not having a way to be readily available and accessible to the public.

Both Kris Jones and Damon Wayans Jr. have quite impressive backgrounds. Kris founded a gourmet food website in 1999 that quickly took off thanks to his digital marketing skills (search engine optimization, pay per click marketing and affiliate marketing). From there, he launched a wildly successful digital marketing and technology company called Pepperjam. Pepperjam went on to become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States (Inc. Magazine – 2006, 2007, 2008) and was sold to eBay (NASDAQ – EBAY) in 2009. Kris has invested in well over twenty companies, and founded multiple successful technology and marketing businesses, including ReferLocal.comLSEO.comAPPEK Mobile Apps, and French Girls App. Now, Kris focuses his time and resources on the Special Guest app alongside comedian/actor Damon Wayans Jr.  Despite the hurdles of these two busy men, they have found a passion in wanting to help people and made it work. Damon is one of the most sought after actors in Los Angeles and Kris has considerable success with a number of simultaneous projects – they have learned to prioritize and maximize time management, success has allowed them to build an amazing team which has allowed the app to grow so much in such a short amount of time.

Since learning about Special Guest, I have been doing extensive research on the entertainment industry, talent, demand, technology and how they all tie together. It is fascinating to see how a digital marketing guru and an entertainment industry giant have come together to create an inspirational platform that will bring so many people together. The most remarkable and interesting talent that may never get a traditional “discovery” now has amazing opportunities to be hired not once but a thousand times. This is an incredible opportunity for artists and audiences alike.

Special Guest is currently approaching their one-year mark and exceeding expectations by leaps and bounds. The initial focus has been establishing product-market fit in the Los Angeles area. There is no shortage of talent in the Los Angeles area which has allowed Kris, Damon and their team to have hundreds of conversations with talent and audiences alike. Most recently, Special Guest has dedicated considerable resources to the venue/host side of the app. In five years, Special Guest will be the default app used by people around the world to book live entertainment.

Learning about Special Guest has been an interesting journey for me in many ways. It is inspirational to see two dynamic, successful men take a simple concept and turn it into a reality that is changing the face of live entertainment. The creation of this app will change the lives of hundreds of artists in a very short amount of time. It also encourages me to continue along my path of passion and never quit trying. Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that a dream can turn into reality, it is my hope, alongside Kris, Damon and their team that Special Guest becomes the new management and platform for many talented artists.

The Power of Visualizing

This story was just to amazing to not share with you! When tiny miracles happen no matter how silly they seem we have to praise them and appreciate them! In life I truly am all about the little moments!


About a month ago Liam and I decided to make vision boards. It had been 5 years since I made my last one. At the time I was driving a beat up Honda with no AC and living with my “boyfriend” who I knew I wanted to marry. (He is now my husband.) On my vision board I put a Denali (It happened to be white, but the only picture I could find in the magazine.) I put a picture of a happy family, the one picture I found a mom was lifting up a baby girl with a dad and little boy riding bikes behind them. (One month later I found out I was pregnant with my daughter) Shortly after my daughter was born we purchased a white Yukon Denali. WOAH RIGHT>! Okay fast forward 5 years, I wanted to share with my son the power of visualizing and believing in yourself so we sat down to make boards one afternoon as a mommy son date.

In our old house we had a kitten. For my sons fourth Christmas it was his BIG GIFT and all he wanted! We named her Trouble. We only had Trouble for about 6 months and she had gotten out and ran away. We thought for sure that a coyote, owl, hawk, etc. had gotten her and we were heart-broken. We put missing pictures and videos all over Facebook but nothing turned up.


Fast forward 2 1/2 years. We purchased a home about 5 miles away from our rental a year and half ago and there happens to be a kitty in the coldasac we live in that looks similar to our long-lost Trouble. It made Liam miss Trouble extra! On his vision board he put a picture of a cat and said “the real Trouble is going to come home mom.” I bit my tongue not saying a word of negativity about the situation or what I thought had happened.

READY FOR THIS…….like oh em gee. Im sitting down one night scrolling FB and I see this picture of a Cat that’s been hanging out outside this house for a couple of years but needs a home because of the cold and rain California has had the past week. Our Trouble had a distinct M marking on her for head. This is the picture I see on FB…..Look closely at the forehead.


We went to the house the cat was at that night, the cat who wont let anyone pet her head, hold her, etc. came running up to my son following him around. Lo and Behold….Troubles home.

image1 (6)

What you focus on, you attract.

The key to visualizing is to always visualize that you already have what you desire. This is a mental trick. Rather than hoping you will achieve it, or building confidence that one day it will happen, live and feel it as if it is happening to you now. On one level you know this is just a mental trick, but the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. Your subconscious will act upon the images you create within, whether they reflect your current reality or not.


Stay focused on Positive things and live a Positive Life. 

2018 Handcrafted Trends

Owning a hand crafted business makes it a crucial point of life to stay on top of whats trending.

How do I stay on top of whats trending?

If your on Etsy they will send out a Monthly Sellers Help guide and at the bottom left corner there is a link to what is trending. For example this month was Unicorn Everything, Last month Slime Everything….  Go on Amazon and see what the best sellers are. Google trends of 2018 and see what sparks your inner creativeness.

To get noticed you must learn the art of being comfortable with always changing or adding little details to your shop according to what is selling and in demand.

This year Ultra Violet is trending every where. This color will be hot for 2018. Last year the Pantone’s color of the year was Greenery and this year were hopping to the opposite side of the spectrum with Violet everything.

This was extra special to me as Purple is my daughters favorite color, so she will be delighted that more purple is in my creations.

In 2017 Blush Pinks were life. Now moving forward its all about lavender and lilacs. (For home decor as well) Hard Shapes such as triangles, squares, etc. were all last year and moving forward we will see more geometric circles and softness. Golden Brass Tones over Silver all year! The contrast can be simply amazing….Think big…Sinks, wood, dresser handles, I am going to guess by now you’re catching my drift. Velvet is another trend which is back in full swing, I always find it interested how decades later the hot trends always circle back around. It may take you a little while, but you will jump on the velvet love wagon….(Pretty positive about this one!)

Now Lets Get Creative…2018 is Bold and Making a Statement…So should you.