Reviews & Book Release.

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I am so grateful for you and your story! Your story reaches places no one and nothing else has been able to reach.

-Cecilia Yogini

Working with Courtney is a great experience! She has worked with both my wife and myself, and has been an incredible support. Courtney is creative in thinking, truly cares about the people she works with, and gives clear visions of what kind of things you can do to get to your goal destination.

-Chelsea Stephens

I have done years of traditional counseling for trauma and addiction and I’ve made more progress with Courtney in a week than I did in those years. I feel like she understands me and truly listens to me. The tools she has given me have truly helped me to begin to make breakthroughs in my mental health. I can’t wait to see how far I develop with her amazing help. She’s an angel in disguise!

-Johanna Namminga

Yesterday I had my first Reiki session with Courtney. She really took her time to listen to my story. Her warmth, compassion, and pure intentions are unmatched. She was able to find blocks in me that I have been unable to see in myself. I had no idea that I was not taking full breaths. I can breathe better today than I have any years. I feel so much more at peace. I feel a stronger sense of safety. Overall I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude that God let me to Courtney.


Not even on page five and crying – this book is life changing. The healing is profound and like nothing I have ever read before.

-Rachel Omis

Working with Courtney has helped clarify my vision, use my time more effectively and build new habits to support my goals. She brings solid advice and has a wealth of resources to strengthen the mind and the body. I look forward to each session with her and walk away with exciting new tools to continue my progress.

-Rachelle Hobbs

I received your book and already started to read it. It made me really emotional…I also have a very resilient grandmother! I am also an empath and I have extremely strong emotions that are like the ebb and flood of an ocean. I know those feelings of complete despair and frustration, not feeling like my emotions are fully welcome and understood. I am having a difficult time right now with my mother and a lot of inner child trauma is surfacing – reading this book is the perfect thing to do for my healing.

– Lisa Berchten

From the moment I started reading this, I have not been able to put it down! Courtney’s journey is absolutely amazing. Her story is a page turner that will fill you with all the emotions and help you figure out how to be the best version of YOU. If you want an entertaining book that can literally change your life, you need to read this.

-Vanessa Cooper

Courtney’s workshops are full of energy, space and laughter. You definitely leave with more than you came in with. More space in your heart, more love for yourself, and more connection with the truth of you.

– Jennifer Dwight

I had a heat stroke. I lost my balance. My head felt like a balloon. Belly extended it was hurting. Nausea temporary memory loss, chest pain. I think whatever happened on Monday May 31 started days before. The heat culminated it. * I dodged a death bullet with Courtney’s help the day before. She just put her hands out and they went to my heart. Courtney strengthened my heart that day. I was able to correct and maintain my heart beat after it started an irregular beat and fluttering by basic breathing from Courtney’s Kundalini Yoga class. I would not have the time to drive to emergency. I had to correct the beat immediately. I learned a lot about older bodies needs. Like don’t work in high heat at high noon and it is ok to start a fling with someone 20 years younger right after a heat stroke. I truly believe a heart attack was in the works. It is not just or two things that rewrote this event. It was the integration of the Reiki Master doingness and wisdom to teach me in advance how to use my breath. This is life at it’s Best because Courtney did what she does for people. She is my life saver. It is Great Gratitude l feel for her help and healing.

– Bren Richards

Calm, Collected and Cognizant’ is how I would characterize Courtney and her teaching. Always a pleasure to attend her classes, always look forward to her classes. She is also a super mom, and a wonderful person.

-Jacqueline C.

Courtney is a fanatic instructor. I really enjoyed her warrior sequence and attention to opening the hips. I can’t wait to attend her next class!