Healing Somatic Therapy.

What is this about?

Healing is not a one size fits all and I believe each client deserves exploration and space to heal in a safe and effective way. Rather than just talk about the issues at hand, somatic healing guides patients to focus on their underlying physical sensations. From there, the mind-body exercises may include breath work, meditation, visualization, massage, cranial sacral, reiki, nervous system regulation, grounding, dance, and/or sensation awareness work.

I aim to empower you in transforming yourself, and your life. It incorporates both mentoring as well therapy services for those who need a more personalized approach. My personal modalities include writing therapy, talking therapy, hypnotherapy, IFS and unlocking the subconscious secrets to bring awareness into the conscious mind for healing and stepping into your fullest potential and dharma.
The primary focus is walking through your shadows and being assisted on your spiritual journey. I offer guidance, suggestions and tools within my spiritual life programs. This is a journey to help you transform your soul’s patterns through the Divine. I will examine behaviors, habits and goals while exploring belief systems that may be holding back progress in addition to other spiritual practices such as meditation or prayer depending on what feels best for you individually.
The goal isn’t just about having awareness but also transforming deep-seated unconsciousness so it can become more aligned with our inner selves – this takes time and is a process. Sometimes people need someone close pushing them onward when they’re not sure of themselves or feel they have just come to a stuck spot in their lives.

What does this cost? Is there a minimum commitment?

The cost is in tiers so it is available to everyone. There are no commitments or contracts and your are invoiced on a month to month basis or per session. If you feel we mesh and it’s working, we carry onward – if not – that’s okay too.

If you’re feeling stuck in life, I’m here to help.