All natural ways to improve your health


In a world that’s dominated by incredible technology and cutting edge medicine and medical discoveries, it can sometimes be easy to overlook the power of nature. But to live a happy and healthy life, getting to a mainly natural lifestyle is something that really will benefit most people. It’s not to say you should take medicine when you’re sick, or indulge in foods that aren’t good for you every now and again, but for the most part, living in natural life is no good thing. Here are some ways you can improve your health and wellbeing. 

A natural diet

A natural diet with a focus on foods that are fresh and free of chemicals and preservatives will give your body everything it needs. You could look into plant based, pescatarian or paleo ways of eating to see which suit you, or even attend a macrobiotic school to find out more about natural nutrition. 


Massage is excellent for both your body and mind, one of the main reasons it makes you feel good (aside from the fact it works out knots and sore muscles) is that it causes the release of  the brain’s ‘happy chemicals’ into the body. You could treat yourself to a massage at a spa, or just rope in a partner to help. You can even buy massage devices which work knots out of your shoulders and back and can be really effective. 


Meditation is so much more than ‘witch doctory’, it’s benefits have been proven with science. Entering a meditative state allows your body to fully relax, it can ease blood pressure and help with sore, tight muscles which you could be tensing without even realising. Meditation helps to bring your mind to the current moment, so there’s no feelings of depression about the past, or anxiety about the future. Meditation can help you to visualise your goals, and generally improve wellbeing. 


The best way to exercise is to find something you enjoy doing. It could be hiking with your dog, swimming, yoga or dance. It releases endorphins which improve mood, as well as keep you in shape which boosts confidence and physically, benefits just about every cell in your body. 


We all know how it feels when we don’t get enough sleep at night. We wake up feeling drowsy, grumpy, hungry and generally not the best versions of ourselves. As well as the short term effects, long term sleep deprivation can lead to issues as serious as heart disease and mental health disorders. Looking after yourself needs to involve getting enough rest and sleep, so make this a priority. 

Natural beauty products and cosmetics

Chemicals don’t just enter our bodies through the foods we eat, but what we put onto our skin too. Switching to all natural brands, and even creating your own hair and skin products using things like fruits, vegetables, honey and oils can be really beneficial. People have been utilising natural oils for health and beauty purposes for centuries, you have coconut oil makes a great skin and nail moisturiser and argan oil has fantastic hair benefits. You could use olive oil, almond oil or avocado oil amongst others. These types of things can easily be found in any supermarket and will cost much less than high end beauty products. 

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