Imposter Syndrome

Take Away’s

  • Stop settling for anything less than perfection. You are beautiful and perfect right where you are. Enjoy the journey and allow your self grace in the lessons that mistakes and failure bring.
  • Write your own rules – Do not be afraid of NO or Failure. It’s an amazing opportunity to grow and gain knowledge.
  • Drop the self script of negativity. A great exercise to try – When you rise in the morning and your brain starts talking shit to you, get up and immediately write it down in a journal. All the things. Then close your eyes and imagine saying that to the person you love most. (It is okay to cry through this.) Allow yourself to feel. Next FLIP THE SCRIPT. How would you respond to this loved one if they were saying these things to you? For example…. “You’re a bad mom” – response which you write down. “You had a rough day and are stressed out, you’re doing such a great job and love your children beyond measure. You’re human and going to make mistakes but you are doing your best.”
  • God made only one of you – You are special and this is a beautiful thing. There is no one like you on this planet and you are an expert no matter how high or low in your field you have come. You will always know more than someone else and someone will always know more than you. This is OKAY.
  • Have confidence in knowing you’re worth and get out of the “sell” mindset and transfer into the “how can I serve” mindset.
  • Face your fears and they will disappear. Do something today that you have been putting off towards your goals. Stop being afraid you are not worthy of success, because girlfriend you are so worthy of kicking ass in your niche.
  • Celebrate the small stuff. HAVE FUN! (Why did you start in what you’re doing? Why is it your passion?) Every milestone on the journey towards your “Big Goal” – Celebrate it before you plow through to the next to do item. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking steps forward.
  • The definition of Imposter Syndrome is “A physiological pattern in which one doubts ones accomplishments with an externalized fear of being a fraud.”
  • Stop going against the “flow of the Universe” instead accept the great things coming your way. Do not put a block on your finances. You deserve to make money. You deserve to be praised for your hard work.
  • Break the silence and share how you are feeling with a friend, family member, co worker. Chances are they have experienced this too.
  • Stop the comparison game. Your journey is right where it is supposed to be. Do not worry who is doing what on Instagram – Focus on the next thing you are creating. How are you going to “Show Up” for your audience.

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