Episode 20 – The Universe Has Your Back With Ella Ringrose

In todays episode we talk spirituality, crystals, and manifestation. The synchronies were giving me chills half the episode! Ella shares her story with when manifestation and her spiritual journey. There is no holding back in this one friends.

We discuss a morning routine that can be life changing with manifestation, grounding, gratitude and truly being mindful and allowing grace where ever you are at in your journey.

We talk about the individual journey of manifestation and share where most people go wrong and struggle. With a simple pivot magic happens. This episode is beautiful for stepping into the women that you were meant to be – your higher self.

Affirmation Take Aways

“Money flows easily and frequently”

“I am a money magnet”

“I am a millionaire and have plenty.”

Where to find the beautiful Miss Ella?

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