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The beauty industry has lost its connection with what really nourishes us – food. In its place, we have a blend of 95% water and preservatives along side some synthetics that don’t do anything for your skin but add unnecessary chemicals into it and in long term poison the body. Fun fact: The skin is the body’s first line of defense against infection. It protects our internal organs and fluids by preventing harmful external elements (UV radiation, bacteria) from penetrating into its interior.  

The skin can be divided into three distinct parts: the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis. 

While a lot of chemicals are simply too big to be absorbed by the skin, others are just small enough. Some are even designed to penetrate the skin quickly and easily, like nanoparticles and “penetration enhancers” found in many lotions and sunscreens. The complexity of skin absorption factors means that there’s no way to know for sure how much any one chemical is being absorbed. Still, this “unknowability” might be more concerning than an unchanging statistic.

Powerful beauty remedies began with superfood ingredients, freshly harvested and customized. It’s time to bring this wisdom back. 

This brings me to one of my favorite treats I have found yet for my daily skin care regiment. Let me introduce you to Loli. –

Made In A Free World

Loli is committed to being people-free. They support the stopping of people trafficking and for every purchase of $75 or more we donate $1 to organizations that are making a difference. They also use a software platform to monitor our supply chain.


From Loli’s food-grade, glass yogurt jars that can be reused for food storage , to their certified compostable labels, bags and boxes, they are thoughtful in our choices and mindful of both the planet and people.

Together by simple changes like the things we use daily as a collective we can make a huge impact on Gaia and together bring back our wisdom. Come home to our souls remembrance.

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