Ladies….I’ve got a mom beauty hack.

As a mom, simple is LIFE. I posted a few months ago about a brand called NUTREE I found which is amazing. For those of us less than fortunate with hydrated luscious locks, sometimes we need a little extra help. I don’t know about you, but my morning routine allows me about 10-15 minutes to be ready to roll and out the door.

My hair alone with out some sort of help either A. goes in a messy bun on the top of my head (Not a cute one, but like a “I haven’t brushed my hair in a week and something may pop out from the bun” look.) or B. I stay up late for an hour the night before attempting to straighten the hot mess in 7 different layers then resulting in being exhausted the next morning.

None of these work for me…… I am a business owner, a mama, and let’s be real I live in a tiny little town and run into someone WHERE EVER I go. Looking like a character out of the walking dead just does not work for my lifestyle.


This product last me personally for about 3-4 months at a time and takes about 30 minutes to complete. I can take a shower, leave with wet hair and within an hour of doing absolutely nothing but letting my hair air dry have hot beach waves to last all day! If I want to straighten my hair it takes me all of ten minutes, and if I scrunch it a whopping 5 minutes with no frizz. Hello. Goodbye. Let me share my secret ladies. 


Ready for how easy this is? That’s the best part….

  1. No need to wash your hair before. Apply the bottle (ok not the whole bottle but soak your hair generously.) Brush it through your hair to where it’s on all the strands generously.
  2. Leave it on for 40 minutes and go do the dishes. (I am all about some multi tasking!)
  3. Rinse 50% off your hair. Blow dry your hair and divide it into 4 parts. (I just make for equal sections on my head.) Apply the flat-iron for 8 – 10 times from root to the middle strands, and from 4-6 times on the ends. we want to be gentle with our ends so they don’t get damaged. keep your flat-iron temp between 380-450. Use 380 towards your ends to not create any damage.
  4. Always use in ventilated areas. Any product that you are soaking in the cuticle of your hair can have a strong smell, do not fret!

Your done, Voila, literally 30 minutes of work for 4 months of amazing smooth and healthy hair. 

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Bye Frizz – For like ever.


Ladies….I love things that simplify my life. As a mom it’s so easy to just let everything go because you’re so busy taking care of everyone else righttttt? Okay so some women are blessed with this naturally gorgeous hair that you just hop out of the shower and go….Well this is so not me. No way. No how. I look more like an angry hamster that got stuck underneath a very strong drying machine. Through the years I have literally tried EVERYTHING…Keratin treatments, brazilian blow outs, professional straighteners, and nothing has worked. I found this product Amazonliss by Nutree which is the real deal. Best part I completed the three-step process in 45 minutes! I know sometimes these get tricky when your DIY and a tad scary if you are confused on a step. I have created a step by step process (with pictures on how you can have silky soft NOT FRIZZY hair that last for months in less than an hour!) Can I get an AMEN to my frizzy haired ladies out there!

When you open the box its broken down into three simple bottles….Labeled by the steps 1.2.3.

The directions are very to the point and have little character pictures (that I tried to mimic real life style.)

Step one – Get in the shower and get your hair wet! Shampoo once with step one (You will get no suds the first go around, leave in for the full five minutes.) When you rinse the first time repeat again and this time you will have suds exploding (Be safe not to get in your eye…it will burn.) Same as the first wash leave in for 5 minutes then rinse. With the second rinse you will literally be squeaky clean. DO NOT CONDITION. Get out of the shower dry off throw a towel on your hair.

Step two has two parts….First blow dry your hair to about 85%, when your almost all dry put on gloves and make sure you are in a well ventilated area. (The product smells very strong once the heat hits it!) Now your ready to put on your glove’s!! Make sure you wear them. Now section your hair into 6 different sections and apply step 2 bottle to each section combing it carefully through with a fine tooth comb. When finished applying product blow dry until completely dry.

Once completely dry, you want to take a flat-iron and go over every inch of your hair until perfectly stick straight.


Now you’re looking in the mirror like YASSSSS…..Then you read step three….Time to get wet again! Step 3 is a deep conditioner and once you rinse your hair feels like a million dollars, the cuticles feel sealed, the frizz is gone it phenomenal. After my last shower sesh I blew dry with NO STRAIGHTENING just to see what would happen….are you ready for it?



Phenomenal…… I can get out of the shower and run! This is amazing…

Bye Forever Frizz