DIY Mermaid Slime

This craft is 5 minutes for mom and hours of play for littles! Easy, fun and you can get as creative as the mind takes you! I have included a step by step video of how to prepare everything as well in the bottom link.  

  • Borax
  • Elmer Glue *6 oz.
  • Water
  • Food Coloring

You will need two separate bowls. In bowl one combine a full bottle of elmers glue or 6 oz. 

In bowl one combine 1 cup of water with the elmers glue and mix until a soupy consistency. Once combined add color, scent and additives. (this is where you can get creative!)

In bowl number 2 combine 1 cup of HOT WATER and 1 tsp of borax! Mix well til borax is completely resolved.

Combine bowls one and two and knead very well until desired consistency. Make sure you check out video for tips and tricks along the way!



Made with Love Market 7-30

Made with Love Market 7-30

Social Media Marketing


Social Media in today’s day and age is EVERYTHING. Yellow pages have gone by the way side and Social Media is a free and easy way to reach your target audience with grace and truly connect to people about your hand crafted business. We are going to go over some key points in reaching your target audience and how to launch your hand crafted business to the next level!

  • Instagram – 1-2 post per day MAX. Include tags. You can use these in several different ways. Example: I absolutely #love the #lavender details of these #diecuts I just posted on #etsy. Example 2: I absolutely love the lavendar details of these diecuts I just posted on Etsy. *In the comment section add #lavendar #diecuts #etsy. This is where you want to keep close attention to whats trending….For example type #etsy and look to see what pops up and how many people have “posted” this. Hash tag what is being posted the most and this is a “trend”. Time of posting is EVERYTHING on Instagram. Here is a basic time to get the maximum amount of likes on your Instagram.  Monday 5-6 pm, Tuesday 7-8 pm, Wednesday 10-11 pm, Thursday 5-6 pm, Friday 5-6 pm, Saturday 8-9 pm, Sunday 7-8 pm. Make sure to explore other brands and people who inspire you and follow them. Watch what they are doing and follow the example.


  • Facebook – 2-5 post per day about what you’re doing, how it looks, what you’re creating, your life. People want glimpses of not only your business but WHO YOU ARE. Create sharable content with a broad target audience, DIY Videos can help you attract a larger network of followers and potential new customers.


  • Pinterest – SHARE EVERYTHING! There is a link on your Etsy page for every item you add where you can share. One of the links is Pinterest. Every single listing needs to be shared to Pinterest for more visualization of what you are making and doing.


  • Twitter – “Twitter allows for instant conversation,” explains Michelle Reaney of Toronto-based shop Thunderpeep Designs, who uses her handle, @thunderpeep, to share short updates with her followers in 140 characters or less.One of the most useful Twitter features for a business owner looking to make connections and promote her shop is the hashtag, a word or phrase marked with the # symbol, such as #handmade or #EtsySeller. “On Twitter, hashtags are used to categorize posts by topic or keyword,” explains Jessica Ulrich, a social media manager at Etsy, “clicking a hashtag will display every tweet that includes that tag.”

    To get started developing content, jot down a list of the types of posts you would like to share over the next month, suggests Jessica. This can include general categories, like inspiration or behind-the-scenes, or more specific items like the launch of a new product or holiday promotions. Once your list of ideas is complete, plot your posts on a calendar. – Kathy Svehaug

  • Little Tid Bits –  You do have a handmade business so get creative with just that…MARKETING….Create coupon codes and fun giveaways that you do when you reach different milestones or months. Be precise and unique with your packaging so people remember you and want more. Plan at least 45-50 days in advance for the next holiday so you can get ahead of the game and not feel pressured when the holiday arises!
  • What is Working and What is Not?

    Every like, comment or click could give you amazing insight for your social media marketing. Think about how you can effect your target audience and read all the “analysis” opportunities that each outlet provides you. Ask engaging questions and make your audience feel a part of your experience and life. Play with different words and phrases to see what works and what doesn’t. Use all the tools in your tool belt such as Facebook and Iconosquare to figure out what is working and what is not!

Week 7 Challenge – Create 2 social media outlets SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Start posting daily and using the reccomended settings and watch how much your following grows!!!!! Happy Mediaing!images (1)

Made With Love Market 6-30

Made With Love Market 6-30

The Secrets of Editing and Flatlays….From an I Phone.


Pictures are absolutely EVERYTHING my friends…Everything! I want to share with you all my secret tips, tricks, and fails to avoid! Pictures display your work in the most important way. Photos are the only way a client can reach, touch, see your product before it is in their hands! You have to make your product appear to be something they can not live without! So lets get started at square one….

When I first started Etsy my pictures looked a little something like this.


Now that same listing looks like this….


We will go ahead and start at square one! LIGHTING IS EVERRRRRYYYYTTTHHHHING! Natural lighting is the BEST! I take anything I can outside to photograph before editing, for the simple reason you just cant beat natural light! Shadows and wrinkles are a huge NO NO NO!!!!

I’m a fire wife with 2 busy little ones and so where ever and when ever I can get work helpers I do! SelfMade is my secret to SUCCESS! When I first began Etsy, I knew nothing of business, let alone running a hand crafted business while balancing mommyhood! Selfmade has saved me hundreds of hours with their picture editing program they offer! I take natural, bright, fun, flat lays and they edit and return to me! You do have to be at a certain “volume” business wise for them to accept you, but when you get to this volume I highly suggest this company as it has been a LIFE SAVER for me.

When shooting on your I PHONE make sure that you are outside or in great light, think about wrinkles, angles, props you can use to boost your products necessity to your customer.

Happy Snapping My Friends!

Week 6 Challenge – Change 4 of your listings to higher quality photos with props, lighting, and angles to make it more interesting! Submit your before and afters to and the most dramatic difference will receive some goodies and be announced on the blog in week 7!