Boys Bedroom Makeover – Transformation Reveal

Boys Bedroom Makeover – Transformation Reveal

It’s time for our Big Reveal…EEEEEEK! I am so excited to spill the beans on this transformation ladies! Here is the Before and After.

Our family has had so many changes over the past year, the biggest one being expecting baby number three. I was determined to give my eight year old a space to retreat to, a space to do homework, a space to just have “big boy” time.

Mama’s this was difficult for me. His room was all things batman – we went through an extremely lengthy batman obsession for the past 4 years. I even tried to convince him to let me keep the Urban Wall decals of batman heads. He told me “I’m so over super heroes mom.” So whats a decorator to do? Well give him a big boy room make over of course!

Now you see, I absolutely hate to just throw things out that are still perfectly good. Instead I love to up cycle and make over old items and make them shiny and new again! With out further a due I’m spilling how we transformed his Tot room to Big Boy Status. Let’s do this.

First things first….Who else believes in making your bed every morning?

It’s so important to wake up and right away just feel like you’re crushing it. The past 9 months I have been really working on independence with my littles so that they are prepared for my c section come October. I then found the magic secret sauce bedding….

Beddy’s Beds is a company which has created the most genius invention to date! A bed that is stylish and all it takes to make the bed picture perfect is a zip. MY KIDS CAN ZIP. There for they can MAKE. Every single morning. This helps them to have a chore, feel like they are really making a difference, and the best part I never get complaints because it takes two minutes! The material is so soft and my son is actually excited to get snuggled into bed instead of fighting tooth and nail to do a bedtime routine. Moms this a win for all!

image2 (5)

Ready for the even better part? Today is National Working Parents Day and the company is having a sale for 15% off all bedding with the code RELAX. – Get Yours Here

Now let’s talk about turning old to new. Parents hear the word “room makeover” and think dolla dolla bills ya all! It doesn’t have to be this way!!!! The biggest fail I see in bedroom transformations is going out and buying all new. You pick one or two items which need to be new. For my family it was about creating independence and making life simpler. We went with new bedding and a desk. This is the first year my little guy has a ton of homework so I wanted him to have a space all of his own to focus, connect, and retreat if need be.

The dresser we re painted – I used ultra bright white and then spray painted the knobs with a silver high gloss. Voila new dresser for under $10.

The walls we painted a grey and navy to add some accent pops of color but also remain in a room tone that he could grow into and I wouldn’t have to re paint ten times in the next 2 years. (Grey is the Taupe.)

His bunk bed we added little fun accents like LED lights on the bottom bunk for a “fort camping feel” and a basket ball clip on hoop for the top bunk.

Our home has these amazing reading nooks in every room and bathroom (one of the reasons I absolutely fell in love with the house.) I really wanted to add to this element of the room so we picked some canvas style black out curtains in grey and a shine triangle pattern to add some more fun spots to squirrel away and cozy up to a good book. (My son is all about creating forts if you couldn’t already tell.)

Last but certainly not least, a pretty place to shove all the toys. Did someone say Nerf guns?! Whewwwww every where! The curtains and toy box we got at Home Goods for under $50! I love the velvet fabric of the bench/toy box as my cats do not destroy this as they would any other fabric material. (If you have pets mixed in with animals you know that industrial strength means everythanggggg.)

Now my son has a room that fits his style but also he can grow into and add little pieces here and there as his hobbies and style changes. Remember the biggest thing in transforming to a “big boy room” is keeping in mind the room for change, making it fit their personality, and picking tones that are not going to stick out like a sore thumb!

Have a room your making over? Share your Beddy’s and Room Makeovers with us on Pinterest or Instagram @thesweetestlittlelife & @beddysbeds

We love to watch your transformations and follow the journey!



How to Design a Neutral Nursery

How to Design a Neutral Nursery

These days the trends have completely changed in nursery styling and I could not be more excited about it! Heck, it’s even changed since having my son just 8 years ago! Every thing was all about being gender specific and going all pink or all blue. If you were unsure of the sex or chose to have a little surprise it was suggested to do everything in yellow from clothing to paint colors. (Thank goodness were over the yellow.)

image1 (2)

Grey is the new everythanngggggg am I right? My obsession lately is mixing in browns, wood tones, and grey’s to keep it warm and homey feeling. Tonight I am spilling all my secret tips on how I transformed a pink explosion into a gender neutral gorgeous nursery with spending less than $300! Okay lets start getting inspired shall we?

Making Over The Bed and Crib to Look Pottery Barn Worthy 

I just love the warmth that wood brings to any room, the whites and wood together just make my little soul sing! In a previous blog I wrote all about how I transformed the crib and the bed with wood cuts that I stained. I knew I wanted to make sure to incorporate the earthy tones and feeling with this bedroom. The  best part is I did not spend a dime (except lumber cost) on a new bed or crib, with a little TLC and up cycle you can totally get creative with hand me downs you already have. Remember to think out side of the box.

image5 (3)

Choosing Paint Colors to Completely Swoon Over

When we first purchased our home I was a total newbie to paint and Oh mannnnn did it show! I wanted every wall a different color and was so excited to mix and match that it looked like a walking chaotic hot mess. I knew this was my last shot at “re doing” a kids room with the hubby that I needed to be careful with color choice and find something completely neutral that would still be bright and airy. After samples upon samples I stumbled upon the color “Cozy Haven” and just fell in love. It’s the perfect mix of the grey and taupey tones that I was searching for. I then hit the ceiling with Ultra Bright White to make the lower ceilings appear to be higher. (Never use dark colors on a low ceiling – stay as bright as possible for a larger looking room trick.) I then Pinterested my little heart out and found these mountains that were so simple and took me less than an hour to create with masking tape and matte chalk paint. I used Black, Grey, and White for the Mountains. (This does take a few coats of paint so make sure you let completely dry before thinking your finished!)

image4 (3)

Upcycling Dressers and Furniture

When my daughter was a baby we bought the Chestnut dresser, changing table, and crib. The furniture was only a few years old so I could not bare to just sell it or toss it so the paint got whipped out again. I really wanted to bring a little modernes in with all the earthy tones I was choosing so I went with a simple black and white pattern with pops of bright gold on the knobs. This took me less than 2 hours and turned out amazing! Best part? The cost…Nada.

image3 (3)

Adding the Perfect Pop Pieces

With this being my last little one, I really wanted every piece in this room to have character, tell a story and just pop. The art of simplicity and minimalism has really been my thing lately, especially with realizing how a ton of decor can be cluttered appearing and overwhelming. I found small companies, Etsy shops, and of course Hobby Lobby and Home Goods to find the perfect little additions. If your following us on Instagram you will see I always tag where these great pieces are from! Some of my favorite additions have been the custom name wood art by Funky Letter Boutique and the sweet and simple evergreen decals from Urban Walls.

image2 (3)

Remember just like your mama told you when learning to apply makeup, the same goes for nursery decor. Less is More.

Have a question? We love to help – Shoot on over your nursery ideas and before and alters to be featured on our next article for nursery inspiration on Pinterest! Not following? Head on over and get to it!!! Can’t wait to see everyone’s inspiration and photos!

Happy Decorating Mamas!