The crazy ways your vagina changes during pregnancy.

The crazy ways your vagina changes during pregnancy.

Its been a while since we did a little something embarrassing, vulnerable and real. The Vaga is about as vulnerable as it gets, and being pregnant myself, what better time to talk about the unspoken!

If you’re a first time mama you may have some questions about what the actual hell is happening down stairs and if its normal?


I am here to help!

Your PH changes the sense of your Gigi – You smell every thing from bacon cooking a mile away to someone who tooted in the next room, it really just does not seem fair that your own vagina has to have a scent now too! Its only 9 months, its only 9 months, its only 9 months….

What causes this? Your blood supply which is amplified during pregnancy alters your PH balance completely making your gigi a bit more like elmer’s glue.

Now this two-part duo goes hand in hand with how it taste, because of your PH change in your new growing belly your partner may notice a difference in how…well you can fill in the blanks. It may be saltier or more metallic like – LADIES this is normal and you are going to live to see another day.

One product I swear by that I use with every pregnancy is Intimate Rose – Vagina Balm. It helps balance everything down stairs and is completely organic. click here to get yours



Shall we move on to an awesome Vagina change-up?  Your orgasms are awesomely amazing. Why? Your blood flow is insane in the membrane causing your vulva to become swollen which leads to MEGA sensitivity. This 9 month part can be prolonged!

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You may feel the burn. Quit literally actually. No matter how much water you drink, or how organic you are with the stamps of approval from the market, and sleeping on your side with no caffeine. It happens, girl it happens. It hurtttttssssss…. But its all normal. UTI’s are very common during pregnancy especially in that last trimester. Wait there’s more…. Yeast infections….Check. Totally normal and again we circle back to that damn PH balance again – it’s taking over ladies. (Over 75% of women experience one of these infections during their months of glow.)

Now that we have covered the internal changes you may experience lets cover the cosmetic. Shit gets real down stairs. Not only is it bad enough we can’t see past our stomachs to properly groom without assistance and a hand mirror, it can also change colors from pink to a purple or blue, varicose veins on your vulva area can start to appear because of the heightened blood flow and pressure of the baby bump. Pregnant during Summer? Expect some extra in grown hairs, some say because of the extra estrogen other say because your extra sweaty, either way they suck!

Don’t panic it will all go back to a peaceful space soon. This is just temporary!



Remember Pregnancy is beautiful, just a bumpy vagina road along the way – laugh about it.
(They say you forget all about these changes later down the road!)