How to Seasonally Spice Up Your Home.

How to Seasonally Spice Up Your Home.

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Mom Life….Shopping with kids running through the isles, crawling in and out of the cart, and in fear of at anytime something breakable coming tumbling to the ground with a death shattering sound which for sure the entire store gives you the death glare. Then you walk out of the store with your tale between your legs and no mission accomplished.

The answer has been solved. Switch up your home decor for every season with out even leaving your house! No shopping, no brainstorming cute themed ideas, but experts that teach you how to decorate, offer inspiration, and custom tailor decor boxes delivered directly to your door. Let me introduce you to Decocrated

One day while strolling the gram I ran across an ad for this company and instantly thought GENIUS< GENIUS<GENIUS….I get to learn new tips and tricks to up my decor and home styling game every season, and was so impressed with the products which arrived in the box. High quality with a classic style.

The greenery, the crates, the inspirational farm house style sign, the beautiful clock…All just a fragment of what arrived in my Spring Box. It was as if they read my home style mind ya all!

Every season this company has a featured artist, Jazzdoodles by Jasmine Estrada was for Spring and she designed the art print, pillows and coasters. This is what makes Decocrated unique and adds a value that cannot be compared to running into Target or Homegoods. As an artist I am truly inspired by the unique touch of custom made items for the home. This is what makes the house a home. These fun prints you can mix and match with pillows you already have at home to create a fun inviting space. (Throw pillows are always a YES in my book! Even if they do end up on the floor thirty times a day by the littles.)

This box truly brings Spring Inside and makes me ready to entertain with some bubbly & my favorite girlfriends.


So lets dive right into it…What’s in this magic box?

  • Free Gift: Frame that ships separately within 3-4 days of placing your order.
  • Interchangeable Décor: 2-3 pieces that go with the season on one side and are an everyday item on the other side.
  • Everyday Collection: items that can be displayed all year in your home
  • Fully curated seasons delivered to your door: collections that can be displayed together in one room or can be spread throughout your home.
  • Bonus content through blogs/social media: Downloadable content and how-to’s.

Who doesn’t love a good DIY?! I know I love to have a little inspiration and insight with a fresh set of eyes.

Just for fun and some extra DIY inspo here are the Spring 2019 Pantone Colors which have just recently been released and I am completely in love with these palette tones!


Usually we are all about the pastels and lavenders but 2019 were coming in hot and vibrant! It must mean 2019 will be a strong and fierce years ladies!

For $10 off your spring home head on over to claim your box


xoxo Happy Decorating


Christmas in the Kitchen

Christmas in the Kitchen

The place we gather. The place we laugh. The place we drink. The place we feast. The place we pray.

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home so why not make it the heart of Christmas?

We decorate our entire home for the holidays, but in particular I find one spot to make the center focus and this year I chose the kitchen. I envisioned having mamas over for wine, baking cookies, creating elaborate gingerbread houses and it all happens in the kitchen! This year it was a no brainer this was my “special spot.”

My husband is a fan of traditional Christmas Decor and I love the pinks and non traditional color pops so we met in the middle for a modernized farmhouse style buffet.

Each year I search for custom pieces to add to our little decor collection as a family. The search is constantly on for custom pieces. This year I found the company Withermenots and fell instantly in love with her boho style pieces that you can dress up year round and use for multiple things. Then I learned she’s a fellow Mompreneur and had to share her story with ya all.

Meet Nathania

“I’m a stay at home mama of two boys and after having made a lot of diy florals weddings and showers (I have 2 sisters & 4 nieces and nephews ️), I started making floral letters to sell. I love all things home decor and floral so this is my combo of both! ️ I quickly saw how much I loved it and expanded a little to wreaths and wall hangings. I put a lot of love and time into each piece and truly enjoy doing it so so much! Surprisingly, the best part of this for me has been the love and support of my customers! Every happy message and positive review from them has brought so much joy to my heart!️ I know that this is only the beginning so I am looking forward to how this little business will bloom”


When decorating I find pieces to use seasonally and then pieces that are going to be permanent fixtures year round. With every new Season I love to create a main space that is warm, cozy and inviting.

Now its time to spill the secrets – The buffet I styled with almost everything we already had and just added a few things here and there to spice it up.

  • Buffalo Plaid Table Runner – Wayfair
  • Candle Holders – Antique Shop
  • Lamp – Goodwill
  • Sign – Hobby Lobby
  • Garland – Walmart
  • Rings –  Withermenots

image2 (17)

We have this fun little tradition we do every year as a family where we buy one ornament and one village piece for something fun that has happened the previous year. For example in 2014 we got married so we bought a chapel village and an ornament with the exact replica of our cake. In 2015 my husband took a job with the San Francisco Fire Department so we bought a fire house village. Every year when I get our decorations out these memories just make me smile. It makes you truly focus on the good throughout the years. Let’s swap some traditions and maybe adopt some new ones!

image5 (8)

Leave a comment on your favorite family tradition that you cherish each year!

Oh and most of all….Happy Decorating.