2018 Handcrafted Trends

Owning a hand crafted business makes it a crucial point of life to stay on top of whats trending.

How do I stay on top of whats trending?

If your on Etsy they will send out a Monthly Sellers Help guide and at the bottom left corner there is a link to what is trending. For example this month was Unicorn Everything, Last month Slime Everything….  Go on Amazon and see what the best sellers are. Google trends of 2018 and see what sparks your inner creativeness.

To get noticed you must learn the art of being comfortable with always changing or adding little details to your shop according to what is selling and in demand.

This year Ultra Violet is trending every where. This color will be hot for 2018. Last year the Pantone’s color of the year was Greenery and this year were hopping to the opposite side of the spectrum with Violet everything.

This was extra special to me as Purple is my daughters favorite color, so she will be delighted that more purple is in my creations.

In 2017 Blush Pinks were life. Now moving forward its all about lavender and lilacs. (For home decor as well) Hard Shapes such as triangles, squares, etc. were all last year and moving forward we will see more geometric circles and softness. Golden Brass Tones over Silver all year! The contrast can be simply amazing….Think big…Sinks, wood, dresser handles, I am going to guess by now you’re catching my drift. Velvet is another trend which is back in full swing, I always find it interested how decades later the hot trends always circle back around. It may take you a little while, but you will jump on the velvet love wagon….(Pretty positive about this one!)

Now Lets Get Creative…2018 is Bold and Making a Statement…So should you.

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