10 DIY Fathers Day Gifts


Fathers Day is tomorrow, and as we celebrate all of the wonderful Fathers around the world, we want to remember nothing says “I love you” like something from the heart.

My son and I did some research over the past week of some simple handmade items that made us smile and think PERFECT FOR DADS!

Lets dive right in because if your reading this, your on a crunch and need to get those crafty little hands working fast!

Framed Photos

These are so simple! Ready for it? Find an Old scrabble game and grab some pieces! Boy mom? Grab some figurines & find an old frame….lets get to upcycling mamas! Hot glue the wording of scrabble words on to some card stock. Repeat steps with super heroes write beneath the cute quotes pictures below or print out on your printer – ten minute gift to make dad smile!

The rocks are amazing! Go out side find about 5 – 10 flat rocks and some paint or a sharpie! (Which ever you have on hand will work perfectly!)  Write every special thing daddy is to you! Hot glue onto back of shadow box or frame and place back together!

Two Gifts in the bag! 

Its Hammer Time!

This looks way more complicated then it is! (We made one a few Christmases ago for my husband and he loved it!) If your feeling extra crafty you can trace the words out with pencil and wood burn them on (this does take about an hour so plan accordingly)

You can also do the simple version – run and grab any hammer – a wood handle is a must however, pick up some acrylic paint or a sharpie and let the kids get creative with what Dad means to them – A quote, a family joke, hand prints around the hammer, get creative!!!!!


Beer Thirty

Dads love beer right? These are so neat and simple to make! The bottle opener itself you can pick up at any lowes or home depot for about $5, the wood is just a 2 x 4 cut in a smaller scrap piece and painted.

I just love hand prints and milestones so you can have the kids do their art solo or your inner artist can come out if your feeling extra crafty and energized this evening! You can pair this bottle opener with coasters of old beer labels simply modge podged on to coasters or you can cut thick pieces of card board and repeat the same process with coating the modge podge.

Example: Cut square piece of card board. Place a layer of modge podge on card board. Glue the label on to the square piece. Seal one more time on top with the modge podge. Voilaaaaa – a beautifully paired booze gift to last a lifetime!

Everything Taste Better Outside

Am I right? I love everything about summer! Listening to the kids run around outside, enjoying dinner on the deck, the frogs and crickets once the sun goes down, BBQs, you know all the little things like sitting and watching the sunset, a late night fishing sesh…..The things summer nights are made out of!

Which is why these three items are my favorite gifts for dad!

The first one is a grilling tray! You can purchase these blank white acrylic trays at Michaels or Hobby Lobby – Paint them with any acrylic paint and bake at 350 degrees in the oven for about 30 minutes when you are finished creating! After this it self seals and is ready for some memories on the BBQ.

Tackle Box of Gummy Worms & Handmade Note – Pick dads favorite candy and write how hooked on him you really are! Romantic and Sweet for a combined family gift!

BBQ Utensil Hanger – Three pieces of scrap wood glued together (My favorite is Gorilla Wood Glue) seals fast and stays forever! Paint or a White Sharpie – A little whispie in the hand writing, some hooks or nails and you are complete and ready to roll! (The picture displays some old knobs glued on to hold the Utensils, how ever I love just the hooks because you can do more of a rustic or stainless steel look which matches the BBQ area!)

The Morning Giggle 

You guys… I am a Holiday fanatic….I love everything about them, the giggles, the smiles, the drama, just every aspect I want to soak in! My favorite part of holidays like birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, valentines – your catching my drift…is the morning of. The setting of how the day will flow if you will…. Do you have bacon and  a sharpie? Your good to go girl!

  1. Who doesn’t love bacon? Bacon is a great mood setter….For anyone.
  2. First thing we do when we wake up? Go tinkle….Start it out with a big smile, a toilet paper roll and a sharpie! You can even do a little post it note on the toilet seat! Get Creative.

Most of all appreciate these amazing men we get blessed with in our lives. The grandpa’s, the fathers, the step dads, the great grandpas.

Thank you for showing up every day and making a difference in our children’s lives and carrying that on into adulthood. This holiday is not about  stuff it’s about letting them know how much we care about them, how much we notice them, about verbalizing the importance they carry in our lives. So lets all start out with I LOVE YOU DAD! 

Happiest of Crafting Mamas – Happiest of Fathers Day Dads.



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