Five Bad Hair Day Remedies

Ladies, we all have them, we dread them, they can kill your energy and make you want to hide in the house and not be seen!


Lately I have had a tonnnnn of compliments on my hair – even when I think I look like an electric porki pine! I am here to share my secrets with you mamas, because lets get real, we do not have 2 hours to sit and flat iron every frizz ball out in the mornings am I right?!

A few months ago I posted about a de frizzing product I use every 8 weeks that has been pure magic – that paired with a few simple products and hair styles for the lazy days have been a game changers for my meeting and events that seem to be oh so never ending these days!

Ok lets do this – Bye Bad Hair….


Bond Angel – This magical potion eliminates breakage and is so simple to use. If your a blonde this is a necessity in your secret stash! My hair is completely natural – kids have delayed my six week trips to the salons by about 2 years, I use this paired with my de frizzing product for sleek silky locks. Say Bye To Broken Hair Ready for how easy breezy this is to apply –
How to use Bond Angel as Stand-Alone Treatment
1. Dilute Step 1- Bond Maker in drinking water at a ratio of 1:6.
2. Apply to the hair from root to tip and leave it in for 20 minutes.
3. Don’t rinse. Apply 4 teaspoons (0.6 fl oz) of Step 2-Bond Reconstructor.
4. Comb, spreading hair evenly. Let it stand for 20 minutes and rinse.


Monat – I was hesitant…girl was I hesitant…. They call this the magical shampoo for a reason!!!! I began using this in March and my hair can literally go out of the shower air dry now. (This has never happened) I started to lose hair as I always do with every pregnancy and after about a month on this magic juice I shampoo once every 5 days with NO OIL – Say what?! ANDDDDD My hair is all in tact! No shedding for this pregnant lady!

Can we say amazing? Get Yours Today

Braid it – The easiest way to hide a bad hair day when you have no time and refuse to mom bun it is the side braid (one of my personal favorites.) Takes five minutes and you are ready to shine. The fish braid is also super easy – a few youtube tutorials and your pro status at braids!

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Dry Shampoo….Enough Said.

Woke up with a Lion Head that needs to be tamed but no time for product? I got you – run and grab a dime size of olive oil rub into your hands throw your up in a cute pony tail and tame sides with the olive oil for a sleeked back run way style do.

When you look good, you feel good, you mom harder, you take over the world. 

XOXO gold

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