Apple Crafts for Kids

Fall is in the air. Can I get an amen?!

To celebrate I see no better way than apple everything with the littles (until pumpkins are officially acceptable to do everything with and out in stores!) eeeeek! So exciting! This is my favorite time of year if you can’t tell.

With out further a due lets just dive right in shall we?

Apple Stamps – Take an apple, cut it in half. Grab some card stock and paint. Let the kids use the half apple as a “stamp” by dipping into the paint and letting their imaginations fly to what they want to make! Below are some inspiration ideas to get you started.

Dried Apple Faces – Take an apple and peel it. Collect together some googly eyes, bark for teeth, fabric for a hat and a hot glue gun. Allow the children to place all the scrap items you have gathered in creating a “witch” or “apple face” and hot glue the pieces on the peeled apple. Once you have your desired result hang up to dry and it will shrivel into a work of magic (so exciting watching the “drying” process as well.)

Paper Plate Apples – Ahhhh the magic of a simple paper plate. These activities are the easiest and some of my favorites for kids because you can really watch their little wheels turn with creativity. I usually gather some scrap supplies and paints I have lying around ahead of time then give each kid 1 paper plate and tell them to create the first “apple idea” they think of. Watching everything come together is just magnificent.

Sensory Apple Bin – All the feels!!! I love every single thing about sensory play. It’s so crucial for children’s development. Sensory bins can be next to free to make as well with a little creativity. Go out side gather some different textured items – rocks, bark, dirt, Cheerios, leggo pieces, things that feel different. Then to make it a “fall theme” add some sliced up apples. (If your littles like mixing like mine, add in a couple of measuring cups to allow them to pour and scoop.)

Caramel Apples – Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant? Baking has been such a bonding experience for my littles and I the past few months. The fails we giggle at, the success we enjoy and turn in to baking and movie nights! I discovered the caramel peels you can get at the store for $2 and the kids love placing the molds on the apples and baking them (This is a complete mama win because they are mess free!)

I would love to see your apple adventures – Follow us on Pinterest @thesweetestlittlelife and share your apple wins! Here’s to kicking off a wonderful Fall season full of family and new memories and traditions.


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