Ten Tips to a Happier Life

Do we choose happy?

Is it something you either have or don’t?

I personally believe we get the choice every day to choose happiness. Our decisions greatly effect our endorphins, how we see the world, and to get right to it, perspective is everything.

Through out my life I have gone through ups and downs, just as most of us have. I’ve compiled my top ten lessons for living a healthier and happier life all with a few small changes. Let’s get to it.

1.A good nights sleep.

There is something to be said for getting a good night sleep. This does not mean we all get our eight hours every night, but it’s a goal to work toward. Our bodies need time to rejuvenate and rest. It is scientifically proven that with little sleep we are more susceptible to illness, stress, and if your like me we turn into grumpy monsters when feeling fatigued. Have problems sleeping? Try Magnesium, Melatonin, or lavender!

2. Organizing your goals & accomplishing them one by one.

Having a sense of accomplishment is huge to being happy. If you feel buried with no place to start then make a list. Every day check off at least two items til you feel out of the “hole”. Set big goals, small goals, dreams, to do’s, just write it all down. Sleep with a notebook by your bed so when things pop in your head at random nighttime moments you can write it on paper and get it done! Embrace a growth mindset that thrives on challenge and sees failure not as evidence of not succeeding but as a heartening growth of stretching our current abilities.

3. H20. 

On days I slack on my water intake I feel sluggish, less motivated, and a bit like I am crawling out of my skin. It is crucial to keep up on your water intake. We should be drinking at least two liters of water every day. According to a recent study by the States Department of Agriculture, drinking water does not just improve our abilities it affects our mood and leads our body to a positive balance.

4. Get Outside.

Taking a simple walk every day, or drinking your coffee outside in the mornings listening to the birds can significantly increase your mood.

1. You get sunshine (Vitamin D)

2. You realize how small your problems are in this great big world.

3. Excercise creates endorphins which directly lead to happiness. So grab that dog leash and get to walking girlfriend!

5. Give out kisses to your hubby like candy.

Ready for this…. Our lips are packed with sensitive nerve endings, so even a slight peck can send information to our brains which send instant gratification and sensory of happiness through a chemical release. Show some love!


6. Get Inspired.

For me, its reading or listening to great books. Listening to uplifting music. Spending time with my family. Singing in the shower. Connecting with amazing Mompreneurs throughout the world. Helping others to get outside of myself. Find what sets your soul on fire and just do it. (I know, two corny verses in one sentence…say whatttt?!) It just happened were rolling with it.

7. Unplugging.

In a world where everything is so rushed, so in a hurry, so stressful, it is SO CRUCIAL to just shut it down. Pick a time every day, a full day a week, what ever you can afford to do and shut it all off. Put your phone in a different room and just UNPLUG. Enjoy what is around you. Play a board game, read a book, color with your littles, enjoy some wine and a bubble bath. What ever it is that helps you unwind do it with no electronics. If something bothers you, let it go. Holding on to grudges and not releasing these negative feelings can be so detrimental to happiness and growth.

8. Surround yourself with positivity & self-care.

It is a proven fact that you become most like the 5 people you surround yourself the most with. When chasing happiness it’s a no brainer to cut out people who are constantly negative or putting you down. Find people who put a pep in your step, people who motivate you, people who genuinely are making a difference and on the same goal path as you.

9. Be grateful. Every single day. 

An excellent way to do this and look back on your year is to grab a mason jar and every single day write down something that made you happy, a great memory, a fun adventure, just anything that your thankful for and made you smile. (I also love adding in things my kids say that crack me up.) Put it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar.

On New Years every year open up the jar and read through all the sweet moments the year has blessed you with.

10. Live in the moment and be present.

This is the biggest one for me…When I start on the roller coaster of feeling guilty for my past or stressing out about my future I am never fully here. I’m checked out with my kids, my husbands, my friends, and nothing gets accomplished. It’s a sure tail way to spin into anxiety or depression. I love the candle trick. When you are feeling just overwhelmed and not able to focus, light a candle. Stare at the flame and set the timer for one minute. Anytime a thought or negative fear comes to your mind literally bat it out and focus and think only of the candle flame. Sometimes when feeling scattered I will remind myself “right now I am only doing this assignment everything else can wait.” then when that ONE THING is done, I can think of what is next. When spending time with my children I think “I am only playing leggos right now, my emails can wait.” This time is so precious, so short, we need to cherish every moment and sometimes it can be tough. Remember this is a mind training excercise and it takes time so make sure to allow yourself grace in redirecting and re wiring your brain and the way it thinks. Remember fear and worry solve absolutely nothing and half the time are made up emotions that are never really even there.

Hopefully just one if not all of these help you in creating your happiest life yet. Remember happy moms make happy kids. Our children just feed off our energy. Tomorrows Friday lets all do a happy dance.

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