Post Partum Care

As mama’s it is so natural to be constantly concerned while we have our babies in the womb.

Are we eating well? Are we obtaining enough calories? Are we keeping up on the best multi vitamins? Are we drinking enough water? Are we resting enough?

We are constantly in a state of fear to make sure we are doing the absolute best we can to provide a healthy and happy start to our new little bundle of joys.

The problem is, we are so obsessed with making sure our babies are okay that once they come out often times our health concerns turn from ourselves and the baby inside of us to the baby outside in this big world and the mammas needs and health often times get put on the back burner.

I’m a total facts type of girl, and wanted to share with you my personal experience and what I have researched in postpartum and how to continually care for you body to give your baby the best experience of this big new world as possible.

  • Don’t stop taking your prenatal’s…This is so crucial to your bodies after care for nursing your baby. Here’s the deal…EVERY baby is different, and your body is going to react so differently to every labor. My first two were easy breezy, scheduled c sections, no hormone fluctuations, no icky feelings, no troubles breast-feeding. Then my third came along and threw me for a loop. I completely had a hormone crash from having a preemie, I had no idea what to do, if I was going crazy, or how to balance out my body. I found the company “intimate rose” and tried their Prenatal’s which within one week helped to start and balance me out. I combined with Morinda, Fenugreek, and 5HTP. Within two weeks I finally started to experience some normalcy in my body again. Remember to take the best care of your new baby you also need to take care of your body. If you are not 100% you will not be mommin at 100%. Right now the company has offered to give 25% off for all my followers Get yours here
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  • Let’s talk hormones my friends…..I always thought PMS and hormones were an excuse to act like a total crazy until I personally experienced a true hormone crash after my delivery over a month early. Let me be the first to say I am sorry I was wrong HORMONES SUCK AND ARE SO SO REAL…… Okay back to the facts. Much of the imbalance is caused by estrogen dominance. During our pregnancy the placenta produces progesterone at such an extreme level that when we deliver our estrogen physically can not normalize for 6 – 8 weeks after a full term delivery.
  • When you are not producing full amounts of milk to breast feed solely another huge hormone crash can combine with what is already happening to your body… In our case Baby Tristan had to be put on Neo Sure which is a 22 calorie formula to ensure he gains weight at a healthy and steady speed so he can catch up to a “normal” weight for his age. With the amount of neo sure he had to obtain, the stress my body was under while he was in the NICU, and how busy I am with the other two littles at home it was next to impossible to sit and pump 5 hours a day. I nurse about 3 – 5 times in a 24 hour period and this was all I was able to provide but I know at least he is getting the extra nutrients for a healthy long-term effect. When you are breast feeding your body allows for prolactin – this hormone also helps release oxytocin which is your “let down” feeling. Oxytocin is the euphoric happy and magical hormone which makes the new-born phase seem like the happiest phase of your life. When mama’s are not producing enough milk or can not solely breast feed you get a whole new set of hormone crashes with the lack of oxytocin being released in your body.
  • DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS….ladies we are married for a reason. We have a partner for a purpose…To help us through times when we are struggling. Mommyhood is hard, hormones are real, and it is OKAY to reach out for help when you need it. The best quote I have heard all week is “It does not make you Super Woman to say yes to everything, this just makes you Super Worn Out.” Remember that you deserve grace and ease through this period. “

Being a mom is BEAUTIFUL, Being a mom is HARD and most of all being a mom means you join this amazing tribe the minute that amazing little being is welcomed into the world. Know that new mommies often can experience “baby blues” this does not mean you have postpartum depression but means you are a women and experiencing a totally normal hormone inbalance. This can feel like sadness, mood swings, crying, sleeplessness, confusion, headaches and all of these feelings are NORMAL!!!!! In 6 – 8 weeks everything should start to blanace out…. I promise we are all in this together. I just love being vulnerable in subjects like this because so often we try to stay strong and “pretend” our lives are perfect and okay.

It’s okay to have periods of being not okay.

This is mother hood.

This is amazing.

This is the truth.

This is a bond.


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