Inspiration for taking the leap of Mompreneurship


I am so excited for this! I wanted to include some amazing stories and bio’s to inspire you this evening on taking that leap of faith into following your dream.

Are you stuck in a job you hate? Are you wishing you could have courage to just venture on to what your heart is longing? Do you want more time with you littles?

Tonight I am sharing REAL LIFE stories of some amazing mama’s who were terrified just as you are to take that leap of faith and follow their passion. With out sugar coating or a big intro lets just dive into some amazing women sharing their journey.

(Please comment below and leave your thoughts on tonights blog! These women were very vulnerable to hopefully help another soul to venture out and chase their dreams.)

Meet Jen

I am a mom of 3 boys, a Certified Health Coach, & I own a wine business,

But not just any wine, clean crafted organic wine.

I used to be a hair stylist & when I had my kids first 2 boys Owen & Eli, I really started to struggle with feeling burned out, my health deteriorated, and I felt like i wasn’t a great stylist anymore, as well as, failing at being a mom…so basically I was miserable.

I thought being a stay-at-home mom was the answer. After the honeymoon stage of being home was over, I realized, being just a stay at home mom, was not my thing either, now I really felt lost.

I enrolled in health coaching school, I took business development courses, & started a solo business as a health coach, 3 years later I found out I was pregnant and shelved it.

Baby number 3 was a completely different experience for me, i was a different person at this point. I enjoyed everything about it, I learned to appreciate things differently. I believe this was from starting a business, learning about myself, & working towards better instead of feeling stuck where I was.

My third child, Ryan Matthew, was turning 2 this summer and I knew it was time to get out of my baby bubble and get back to earning an income again,

But my fears of my job taking all my time, worried me, I didn’t want to feel like I i was stretched to thin mentally or physically, I also needed more!

I wanted creativity, connection with other woman, I wanted to do something meaningful that benefited people, & making money to help my family have a better life & take some of the stress of my husband.

Enter Scout & Cellar…this company was introduced to me by my sister, who knew I have always been a wine lover & that I am into health & wellness.

It didn’t take long to start my company Enjoy Clean Wine, it just made sense.

I wanted to share Clean Crafted Wine, especially, because I was a health coach and I had no idea how much junk is put in our wines, it is something that people need to be aware of. The added chemicals, added sugars, synthetic pesticides, & dyes do not need to be in our wine.

I am in love with the wine Scout & Cellar distributes & the longer I am in the business, the more I am in love with the business model.

I recognize the time and money freedom this job can give me. Something that would have never happened as a stylist or the way I operated $/hour, in my coaching business.

The best part is i am helping people with clean crafted wine. Many of my customers couldn’t tolerate conventional wines, they caused them headaches, nausea, joint pain.

It makes me feel good, knowing my customers feel good about supporting small vineyards that keep their land clean, we are literally changing the wine world.

I am learning everyday about wine, which is super fun, about business which I feel will continue to make me a better person.

I am drinking clean wine because I know better and I earn free wine credits, & I am earning an income on top of this, making more money each month.

I would encourage any women that is looking to create something that is hers, to do it! To commit to what you love and enjoy the journey along the way😊

Jennifer Wojciechowicz
Your Wine Consultant
Cheers 🍷

Meet Heather

Heather Clennell was born and raised in Reno Nevada along with 4 other siblings. Her mom and grandma always believed in making things from scratch and her grandma was famous in the family of potaguees for her baked goods and at a young age Heather started baking cookies and cakes next to her grandmothers side and continued baking with her mom that was known for her pound cake, coffee cake and cherry cheese cake bites. Heather’s family has a long history of entrepreneur’s and after working in the corporate world of baking Heather decided after having her son she wanted to continue being a mom and stay home but also wanted to contribute to the family financially so she began making baked goods and cakes for friends and family members and from there her business Cakesmith grew organically. Heather has done events for several PTA (parent teacher associations), Time Tebow foundation, Stand Down that helps our local vets and other local foundations for several years. Recently Cakesmith has made the 2018 KCRA A List ranked 3rd she has also committed her time to the most recent Campfire by helping those affected find homes, jobs and donations she has also been donatinf cakes to the children that have a birthday and are displaced. She has been featured on the Grant Napear and Doug Christy radio talk show as well as featured on an upcoming show with the Food Network Channel that will air in April. Heather continues to give back to her community and has committed to giving a family that is facing challenges a donated cake for a child that has a birthday to help release the pressure from the parents to assure their child is shown how special they are even in difficult times. Heather also has teamed up with Icing Smiles that gives a special themed cake to a child with a life threatning illness on their special day. Heather has proven year after year to her commitment to not only the culinary industry but also to her community.

Meet Kait

I’m a nail gun wielding, paint pen lettering, iPad newbie, and I wear ALL the hats in my growing creative small business. I’m a mom to two young boys and a wife to a wildland firefighter and I found that a structured 8-5 office job would never work for my crazy and unstructured life.

Ever since I was young people have always commented on how good my handwriting was and it became something I was proud of. It was also a definite plus when I started my interior design degree! Now I am using it for the foundation of my own business.

Bear Cub Essentials allows me to help my family grow and experience life, while giving me flexibility and freedom to be a part of my children and husbands life more consistently. I’m not tied to a desk 40-60 scheduled hours- sometimes I work by myself at midnight, others I work with an 18 month kid hanging off my leg and begging for snacks, or between reading pages of a Wild Kratts book learning about creature powers.

BCE also gives me an opportunity to help other women and moms express themselves outside of the typical box store products. My process allows them to customize products, and being a part of the design process enables them to create a special gift or piece for themselves, which in turn helps them identify more of their self and feel more confident in who they are at a time in life that women tend to lose their identities to mom or wife. I just want to help women and moms find their tribe and themselves!

Meet Heidi

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