Tortellini to Toast Over

Theres nothing better then a delicious tortellini recipe. Comfort foods are my favorite and even better when you get to share it with the people who matter most. This recipe is one that is easy to cook, takes less than thirty minutes and the littles can join in and all have jobs to do! (I can’t stand a bunch of banter when searching for a recipe on the go!)

With out further a due, let’s get cooking!

What you’ll need?


2 packs of Celentano Pasta Check out more options here

1 jar of pasta sauce (pick your favorite kind.)

8 ounces of cottage cheese

8 ounces of sour cream

5 cloves of garlic

2 cup of spinach4 cups of shredded mozzarella

What to do?

Preheat oven to 375Cook Pasta in salted boiling water

In a bowl stir together pasta sauce, cottage cheese, sour cream, and garlic.Stir in pasta and then add two cups of the shredded cheese and two cups of spinach.

Spread pasta in baking dish and sprinkle remaining mozzarella over top.Bake in oven for 15 minutes.

Bon Apetit’

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