What part of our health do we negligent the most?

There are definitely some areas of our health that we prefer to ignore. Sometimes we ignore them for a little while because we’re worried what the outcome might be. For example, some of us will find little lumps and bumps, but it could take weeks, if not months, for us to actually go and get it checked out. It’s just how we are as humans. Well, it’s either that, or you’re someone totally opposite. Some of you will be so hyper paranoid about everything to do with your body, and if it’s going wrong, that you’ll be at the doctors more times than you’re at home. But this article is based on all of the things that you might be purposely ignoring, whatever your reasons may be. Everything needs to be considered so that our bodies are workly as perfectly as they can be. The more you ignore certain areas, the more they’re going to affect you as you get older. So let’s dive right in, and explore the areas we neglect the most!

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The Health In Our Mouth

This is the perfect one to start with, because the nation is pretty divided when it comes to this. Some of you will go to the dentists religiously, never missing an appointment. But some of you won’t have been for a good few years now. But let’s face it, if there’s not an ache, it’s easy to ignore your mouth. But working away could be holes in your teeth, and poor gum condition, and you just won’t know until something more serious happens. So you need to see a dental professional every year or less. They will usually tell you how often you need to come back and visit, and this will usually depend on your health. The more you care for your teeth whilst you’re younger, the more you’re going to thank us when you’re older!

Signs Of Something Serious

This is one of the things that we’re really good at ignoring, simply because we can’t put two and two together. One really worrying condition, that seems to be becoming more prevalent as years go on, is alopecia. This is where the hair follicles stop growing, meaning eventually most, if not all, of the hair will go. It’s linked to situations of high stress, which triggers the collapse of the hair bed, and the follicles to stop growing. So if you notice a slight thinning of your hair, or even just that you’re struggling to contain your stress levels, take a trip to your doctor to start some treatment.

Daily Aches & Pains

Aches and pains are something we just come to live with, because that’s what everyone else is moaning about as well. So we accept it rather than dealing with it, which is definitely something we shouldn’t be doing. So if you’re experiencing aches and pains, perhaps in your neck and back related to work, then get yourself to some physiotherapy sessions. Work can seriously damage our posture, especially if we do nothing about it!

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