The new moms guide to getting makeup right.

The plight of new parents is one we can all sympathize with. It doesn’t matter how much you prepare; actually having a newborn will change everything which you once valued. Even simple tasks like taking a shower will become different, and that can be a tough hit to take. For new moms, this means attempting to adjust to both the literal and hormonal changes which are part of the post-birth experience. And, that can be overwhelming.


During this time, the makeup application which used to be a staple will likely become a distant memory. For the most part, you probably won’t even care about exposing your natural face right now. In some ways that can be a good thing, but it can also do damage to your mental health.


As we’ve already covered, after all, this is a time when everything is shifting. Adding a different personal image onto that can push many of us over the edge. Not to mention that going makeupless can make us feel even lower at an already difficult time. 


Of course, there’s no way you can spend the time you used to on your makeup. But, if your appearance is bringing you down, try the following methods for bringing makeup at least partially back into your life. 


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Seek permanent solutions


One of the best things new moms can do is to seek permanent makeup solutions. These allow you to look your best without having to put in an ounce of effort each morning. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions, from permanent eyeliner to microblading services for more permanent eyebrows. Even just getting a fake tan could help your skin look fresh without foundation. And, taking time for each of these can allow you some child-free pamper time at the salon which is sure to work wonders for your mentality in itself. 


Make time to do your makeup


If permanent solutions don’t appeal, never underestimate the value of making time to do your makeup. While you may not be used to adding beauty to your to-do list, that’s the reality you’re facing right now. Something as simple as waking up ten minutes earlier than you might otherwise could see your partner looking after your baby while you take care of your face. That can be a fantastic way to set you up for the day in a calm way without the stress of trying to juggle mascara and baby all at once.


Stick to styles you know


It’s also worth noting that now is not the time for trying out new makeup styles. Attempting to do so will only make your life harder as you’re forced to spend even more time on this. For now, stick with simple styles which you know well and can achieve in ten minutes or less. That speed will make it much easier for you to tackle makeup regardless of your new parent status. And, that could help to keep you sane at an otherwise insane time in your life.


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