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 Excellent Employee Feedback Questions That Boost Workplace Engagement

Asking for employee feedback is crucial to establishing open communication between employees and managers. This gives your workers an additional opportunity to contribute ideas and helps to make them feel recognized. Engaged employees are also likely to be more productive at work and more invested in their performance.

It can be difficult to identify questions to gain employee feedback, but it’s important to have a specific goal in mind for each question. A strong set of employee feedback questions will give you valuable information on both personal and work-related issues.

What Are the Best and Worst Things About Your Job?

This question is a great way to learn more about how your employees feel, and it can provide valuable insight into any problems that could be affecting engagement. Giving them a chance to discuss both positives and negatives makes it easy to assess ways you can improve their overall workplace experience.

Pay close attention to the concerns mentioned by more than one employee. These could be evidence of bigger issues with your company culture that will require more effort to turn around. Making changes whenever possible will show your employees that you care about their experience at work.

Have You Been Recognized for Your Recent Performance?

Employee recognition is another top priority and a major factor in engagement; this question gives your workers the chance to point out appreciation they have received recently or share anything they felt proud of. The last thing you want is for your employees to feel that their hard work is going unnoticed.

Is There Anyone Else You Feel Deserves Recognition?

Similarly, we recommend inviting employees to single out coworkers and recognizing them for going above and beyond their usual responsibilities. Managers aren’t always there to recognize every employee’s contribution, so peer feedback is often just as effective.

Do You Have Any Ideas for Group Activities?

Part of improving your company culture involves seeing your employees outside of work, but these events sometimes feel hollow when they’re simply imposed from the top down. Instead, talk to your workers about what they’re interested in and try to settle on something that works for everyone.

These are the perfect questions to add to your upcoming employee feedback forms, but strong employee engagement requires regular communication. This includes everything from employee appreciation, to constructive performance feedback, and after-work events. Improving the experience of your workers will go a long way toward improving productivity.


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