Get your patio just right with these tips.

Are you using your home’s outdoor space as much as you could be? Some families find that they don’t spend enough time in their garden through the summer because there isn’t really anything they can do with it. If it’s mainly a lawn, then it will be great for the kids to play on, but mom and dad might not be inspired to spend the sunny afternoons and evenings out there relaxing.


Does that sound like you? If so, then you might need to give yourself a great reason to want to use your garden. How about adding a patio? When you have a patio, you can create a beautiful seating area as well as somewhere where you can enjoy a lot of outdoor meals and barbecues. Once your patio is ready with plenty of garden furniture, you might never want to eat indoors again!



Here are some tips that will help you ensure that your new patio is just right.


Think About How Much Space You Have To Use


First of all, it’s important that you carefully consider exactly how much space you have to use for your patio. Don’t go crazy and make a patio that is a lot larger than what it should be. It could end up making the whole garden feel a little overcrowded. Ideally, your patio should be just big enough for what you want to use it for. So, if you are just going to use it for al-fresco dining, then it just needs to be slightly bigger than your garden table and chairs. Generally speaking, patios are meant to be quite small, so don’t worry about yours looking too dainty – that’s how they should be!



Consider The Material


Traditionally, most patios are made with flagstones or some other form of paving. However, those materials aren’t your only options. Lots of people are now starting to use wooden decking to create their patios with. If you do want to use wood as your main material, then just remember that it will need to be stained so that it is well protected against the weather. One great benefit of using wood for your patio is that you will be able to paint it any color you like!


Place It Up Against Your Home’s Exterior Wall


Not sure where you should put your garden’s new patio? The best place for it would be up against your property’s back wall that joins the garden. You will then be able to install some sliding and French patio doors so that you can easily step straight out of your house and onto the patio. This will save guests having to walk all the way around your garden to the patio if you invite people over for a barbecue. Not only that, though, but it also means that you won’t have too far to carry dishes and snacks from your kitchen out onto the patio.



Add Some Features To Give You Privacy


Some homeowners don’t really want their neighbors to look down on them while they are sitting and relaxing on their patio. Thankfully, there are plenty of features that you could add that will give you some privacy. For instance, you might want to put some trellis around it as this will act as a wall. Alternatively, you could plant some large conifers and hedges. If you don’t want any permanent plants around it, then you could always strategically place some large shrubs in pots.


Remember Shade


Don’t forget to add some form of shade to your patio. You will no doubt want to sit out in your garden to enjoy the great summer weather, but this could end up being quite dangerous if it is very sunny. You will need to shade to help you stay cool and to prevent sunburn or sun stroke. If your patio is right next to your home, you could attach an awning. You will then be able to extend this over the patio whenever you need it. For a natural form of shade, you could simply plant some trees around the patio.



Don’t Forget About The Lighting


For long nights unwinding out on your patio, add some garden lights. There are now some great ones that use solar power so won’t increase your electricity bill. They recharge in the day when the sun shines on them and then light up when it is dark.


I’m sure that you will love your new patio once you use all of these great tips on it!


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