Creating a bed you’ll never want to leave

Sleep is a necessity, and having the right bed is imperative to ensure you have a great night’s sleep. So if you’re after a better quality night’s sleep, here’s how to create a bed you’ll never want to leave.

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The Pillows

Pillows are important because they’re supporting your head and neck. If you suffer from back problems, then a standard pillow isn’t going to cut it. A pillow aligns your spine, and so you might want to get a more firmer pillow, maybe something made out of memory foam. There are also ones available that are shaped to lift your neck and to align your spine better. Be sure to get pillow protectors for your pillows to help prevent bacteria and natural oils staining them.


Consider Tog 

Duvets are very much essential to keep you warm or cool at night. You should have two different duvets to cater for the change in seasons as the weather will affect the temperature of the room. Togs dictate how thick or thin the duvet will be with one tog being the coolest and fifteen togs being the warmest. If you want to compromise though and have just the one duvet if you’re limited on space, ten togs is the perfect level. 


Remove All Electronics

Electronics in your room are going to disrupt your sleep. The blue light from devices can keep your mind awake, and it can also make your eyes dry and sore the next morning. So to promote a healthier sleep routine and to get to sleep quicker, remove all of your electronics from the room and try to avoid using them for at least an hour before you go to bed. This will help your brain calm down and relax so that you can drift off quicker.


Warm Lighting

The lighting certainly affects your mood and the most important way of doing this to be more beneficial is to incorporate some warm lighting. Bedside lamps are great for this and can help you to unwind when you’re in bed. Opt for warm LED lights rather than any type of white clinical light. You’ll certainly notice a huge difference in how you feel emotionally.


Soft Furnishings

The soft furnishings can be great for helping create an inviting bed, and these hotel quality bed runners from Richard Haworth are just a fine example of what to incorporate into your bed. Throws and cushions are also going to help you dress the bed to suit your interior decor for the room. 



Set The Temperature

And finally, the temperature in your room is going to dictate how often you wake up in the night and how comfortable you feel in general. Electric blankets are usually the typical way of heating up your bed at night, but these do pose a fire risk. So instead, it might be best to get a good quality heater or fan like this Dyson Hot + Cool one that will help keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter.


If you include all of this into your own bedroom space, you’ll have a comfortable bed that you’ll never want to leave.


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