Keeping your sanity on moving day.

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If you are in the throes of packing and you’re preparing for the ever encroaching moving day, the chances are that you’re getting stressed. You can feel your panic levels rising as you have a never ending to do list that’s seemingly growing longer. Moving home can be one of the most stressful things we ever undertake. That’s why we don’t do it that often! However, it needn’t be as worrisome as it tends to become. You simply need to be organized and have a plan. Take a look at how you can keep your sanity on moving day.

Book Your Movers

If you are only moving around the corner to a slightly larger property, you might be able to get away with hiring a van and transporting your belongings yourself. However, if you have a lot of bulky stuff or you’re moving a few hundred miles across the country, you’d be better off employing the services of a removals firm. For those items that are quirky or need specific transportation like pianos, or works of art, a company like CTI Logistics Interstate could be the ideal people to go to. They know how to transport the most specialist freight across longer distances. Don’t go with the cheapest firm with a ridiculous amount of availability. The chances are that their reputation is poor. You must pay a bit more money to ensure that your goods arrive at your new humble abode in one piece.

If you are struggling with the amount of tasks you need to tick off your list before you move, then utilize the packing service that many movers provide. They can sort the bubble wrap, boxes, brown tape and labels without you having to lift a finger.

Pack An Essentials Box

The movers won’t be getting their hands on your essentials box! Ensure that you keep a small box with you at all times that contains a kettle, a couple of mugs, your favorite coffee, some games for the kids and some snacks. This way, you won’t have to ferret through your boxes when you arrive at your new pad. Instead, you can cross the threshold, put on the kettle, put your feet up and give the kids something to occupy their time. You don’t want the added stress of needing coffee once you arrive at your new home.

Keep Busy

When you are packing, you are busy. The moment you sit down, the chances are you are tempted to call your property lawyer, the real estate agent or your home loan lender. Don’t. They are professionals working on your behalf and they are doing their job. Don’t expect to complete on your house sale and purchase at 9 am. This rarely happens unless you are first in the chain. If you have heard nothing by midday, then you can call.

Moving home is stressful but doable. With organization and planning, you won’t need to panic at any point. Follow this guide and you will be in your new pad without a care in the world in no time.

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