Should you renovate now or wait?

On average, the typical homeowner renovates their home every 15 to 20 years. Indeed, renovations are designed not only to raise the value of the property but also as a way of prolonging the life of the house. But while in theory, revocations are the best thing you could do for your home, they can be a source of discomfort and inconvenience for your household. As a result, more and more families find themselves delaying home improvement works and considering alternative solutions to avoid renovations. A great resource for this is A+ Construction and Remodeling

Ultimately, renovating comes at a cost which can set your budget back several thousand dollars at the best of times. Therefore, it’s crucial that you clarify whether the renovation is required, and more importantly, when it should happen. Indeed, a variety of factors can help to define the urgency of the improvement works, its costs, its impact on the future, and its overall priority. Being in a position where you can decide based on the information whether you should renovate now or wait can be a game-changer for households on a tight budget. 

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Does it put your household at risk?

Firstly, it’s fair to say that not every improvement project is the same. When considering enhancements or repairs to your home, the most important thing to do is to investigate the consequences of delaying the work. Imagine that your roof needs replacing, for instance. Delaying professional repair from roofers can increase the damages to the roofing area – which means that the repair costs are likely to go, figuratively and literally speaking, through the roof. Additionally, a damaged roof exposes your house structure to the rain, the wind, and potential pests as well, which could affect the stability and solidity of the property. In such cases, where postponing the renovation increases risks for your home, there is no other way forward than to get in touch with experts to move the project forward as soon as possible. 

Is it going to be stressful?

Can there be anything more stressful than having to live alongside a construction site? Yes, there is; you could live directly on the construction site! When you arrange for renovation works, you will need to keep the mess under control so that it doesn’t interfere with your everyday life. There is no denying that is can be stressful to manage improvement projects – with or without builders on site – on top of running your household. However, there are simple tips to reduce the stress burden. First of all, you can schedule the job along with school terms, so that you can keep the kids focused on school and only plan the renovation during the holiday. Secondly, you could also suggest moving out to a hotel for a couple of days or weeks until the worst of the work has happened. 

Can you do it yourself?

You could save a ton of money by doing it yourself, as long as it is safe to do so. The DIY route is always a favorite when it comes to reducing costs. However, it may not always be the best solution. Indeed, depending on the type of project, you might find that renovations can be time-demanding – especially if you’re working full-time during the week! Additionally, you might also increase costs in the process. Firstly, the cost of materials differs between amateurs and professionals. Secondly, you may struggle with issues that will force you to call in an expert. 

Do you see yourself living in the home in 5 years?

Renovating increases the value of the property. However, you are unlikely to recoup your investment through the sale of your house. Therefore, it’s vital that you understand how much value you want to get out of your home. If you intend to stay in the property for many more years, renovating will guarantee the safety and enjoyment of your family. However, if you want to sell soon, some renovations might be best left to the next owner. Indeed, you are likely to make more money out of the property by indicating the necessary repairs required than by proceeding to fix things ahead of the sale. 

Are you sure about your design?

Many renovation projects combine both practical and aesthetic features, such as replacing your windows or considering an open floor lounge. However, many homeowners can struggle to find the perfect balance for their decor. It can be helpful to partner with a decorator when you approach dramatic renovation works. An expert can not only provide stylish guidance but also help you to find the best solution to your budget. Therefore, making an appointment with an interior design can transform your approach to home improvement! 

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As a homeowner, if you want to make sure you’re not wasting your time or your money, you need to clarify when, how, and why renovations should happen. As such, exploring all your options in terms of risks, investment, design, stress, and value can help you to come to the most suitable decisions. 

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