So you’ve settled down – what’s next?

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Getting married, settling down, starting a family and following our careers (or stay-at-home care) is something that many of us consider to be an incredibly important set of considerations to take care of. Taking care of yourself and a family is a full time job, and so it’s likely to keep you occupied for some time. However, even with this, it can sometimes be that you feel things are ‘complete’ now. What then?

Well, enjoying your family and the fruits of your labor is no small part of it. Working hard to earn your keep and ensure everyone is healthy, and also to deal with life’s little inconveniences and issues is something that can keep us all occupied and certainly onour toes.

But sometimes, when settling down, there can be a sense that everything is there, and the yearning passion to achieve something starts settling down. Well, what next? Is it possible to replicate this feeling to avoid ‘getting bored’ and forgetting the beauty of what is in front of you? We would say yes. Let us consider what that might mean:

Consider Your Family Planning

Some may want a family with a dozen children, having an incredible amount of energy around the kitchen table, never getting a place to rest but the love for one another will supercede that. Others, after their second child, immediately start researching what vasectomy cost is the average. There’s no right way to go about this. Communities such as r/childfree are also known for their childless discussion, which is also a perfectly competent means of planning your future. But the thing is – family or not, your life is defined by this decision. For this reason, it’s best to think it through carefully.


You can settle down, explore your entire town, get to the top of your career or run your own business, and become a master in your hobbies. But you will never be able to travel the entire world and see everything, even in several lifetimes, and even with plane and helicopter travel. It’s simply too big, something we can forget when looking at the size of the solar system and fooling ourselves that the Earth is a tiny entity. It is incredibly large as far as we are concerned, taking around 21 days to drive around if there was a ring road covering the entire circumference. So get out there and travel! Absorb other cultures. Expand your mind. This can help you avoid making settling down nothing but a stagnant approach.

Try New Hobbies

Even if you’re an expert or master in many fields, there are many more you will never be able to become completely efficient in. But you can enjoy them, and you can have a great time doing so. Try painting to relax, try fishing to bond with your child, try meditation. Remember, hobbies are not just interests. They can help shape who you are for the better.

With this advice, we hope settling down never becomes a boring proposition.

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