What does being confident in your skin actually entail

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All of us wish, to some degree, to be better people. We are motivated by different things, but we all feel we are moving towards something. Perhaps we hope to be a better wife, or a better husband, or a better listener, or a better parent. Maybe we wish to be a little more honest, or a little more forthright and assertive. We know it takes time to develop, and so we never consider ourselves ‘the finished product’. This mindset can be both healthy and harmful depending on what lengths you take to get there.

But what does ‘being confident in your skin’ actually entail? Do you have to work towards this, or should you just accept yourself completely and move on from there? Is it possible to ‘think’ your way to confidence and comfort, or does it take effort and enthusiasm? Moreover, how can you ensure that these results are long-lasting and not just positive thoughts that make you feel relatively good in the moment? 

It’s a complex topic, but one we hope to tackle, using this advice to help you get there:

Doing You As Well As You Can

When you do as well as you can, you can forgive your flaws. For example, it’s when we skip a gym session that we can feel bad about ourselves, but if we go, even if we feel too tired to finish our workout, we feel much less uncomfortable in ourselves. Training your mind and intentions and discipline to all become allies of yours rather than hindrances will help you start to become better more confident in your skin.

Taking Care Of Yourself

Give any insecure person the means to look after themselves, be that through meditation, regular exercise, great sleep, an effort to read the 101 guide, a means to cut out the toxic people from their social scene and the willingness to curate the hobbies they care for – and they’ll be less insecure by the end of three months and onwards. It’s simply a fact. There’s an amazing restorative quality that comes from taking care of yourself, because each day you will be telling yourself, not through pithy words, but immediate action that you are enough. That’s a powerful thing, and it only snowballs from there.

Respecting Your Social Boundaries

Have boundaries and respect them. Ensure that others know this if they break said boundaries. Perhaps your boss has a strange habit of touching you and this is verging on harassment. Let them know, and stand up for yourself. Perhaps your friend always seems to comment on your waistline, despite you exercising and doing what you can to get fit and healthy. Tell them how this makes you feel, and request that they stop it. If these things do not stop, seek solutions through authoritative measures or removing yourself from them. You are too important to allow someone to denigrate or put you in a bad position, and this is an attitude that can give you the confidence you seek once more.

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