Feeling good in your skin after a baby

Having a baby is the most wonderful thing in the world. You have created and grown this entire human being with your own body, and as you look over at him or her, you think to yourself, this is the most magical thing, like, ever. In fact, you’d be amongst the majority of new mothers if you just couldn’t stop looking at your newborn in total awe. However, looking in the mirror can be a little less positive. Whilst you try not to let it get you down, 63% of new mothers don’t like their bodies. So what can you do about it?

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Remember that what you’ve done is amazing

A lot of mothers are under the impression that they are going to lose all of their baby weight extremely quickly. This is rarely the case, however, and it’s important to remember why this doesn’t happen. You’ve just grown a life inside of you, which has a dramatic effect on your body in a multitude of ways. Have patience with the changes of your figure, and remember that what you’ve done is amazing!

Head to the gym

One of the easiest ways to feel great in your body again is to head to the gym. Of course, you need to talk to a doctor or midwife about when you’re able to do this, so don’t just go straight out of the hospital and onto the treadmill. However, light exercise can have a positive impact on your health and on your personal perception of your body, and even taking the baby for a walk in the stroller can make you look and feel better.

Bring out your black outfits

Wearing black is a go-to fashion choice, especially when you want to feel more comfortable in your skin. It’s chic, it’s flattering, and it makes you look amazing, even if you’re not really feeling as great underneath. On top of this, it’s pretty easy to wipe up any of those accidental spillages that come naturally with being a new parent (hello milk, baby food, and almost anything else within reach) which is good news for Moms.

Wait a while before you consider surgery

Some Moms just can’t deal with that post-baby body, and think about surgery from the first few postpartum weeks. Whilst you can feel a little bit helpless here, think twice before booking in unnecessary procedures. You may find that you’re a lot more comfortable within a couple of months, and it does take some time for you to feel great again. If you’re looking for post-pregnancy surgery advice, speak to www.kittoplasticsurgery.com for support.

Try some basic beauty steps

When you’re a new Mom, you can feel as though you just don’t look like you used to. It’s a good idea to bring in some of those beauty steps that you would have followed before, such as putting on some lipstick or using a fake tanning moisturizer. These are only little steps to take, but they can bring you much closer to a version of yourself that you feel happy and comfortable with, so give this a try if you can.

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