How to decorate every room for happiness.

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After long work days our homes should be havens for us to be restored and recharged. We should feel at peace at home but for so many of us, the chaos and mess adds additional stress every day. If you don’t feel like your home brings you happiness consider making a few changes to your decor and daily habits.

Make Your Bed: Though it can seem like a waste of time, taking a few seconds to make your bed can increase productivity and boost happiness every morning.

Don’t Let Dishes Pile Up: The dreaded pile of dirty dishes is one of the biggest stressors in the home. The best way to avoid kitchen clutter is to immediately wash your dish as soon as you use it. 

Add Some Natural Elements: Adding a few plants to your home can reduce toxins in the air, boost your mood, and improve productivity while natural light can boost happiness and heighten positive emotions.

Create a Gratitude Wall: It can be easy to dwell on negative thoughts. Get into the habit of looking on the bright side by adding to a physical gratitude wall in your home.

Make a Zen Space: Create a personal zen den for your home. Choose a cozy spot and spruce it up with items that make you happy. Set aside time every day to go to your zen den and read, meditate, and practice yoga. 

Choose Mood-Boosting Colors: Optimize your space for positivity by choosing colors that are comforting, calming, and or energizing. A few pops of color can completely change the atmosphere in your home.

Keep Surfaces Clutter Free: Crowded shelves, full drawers, and messy counters can be burdensome on your mind and can prevent relaxation. Use this weekend to clean out your house and organize your belongings.

Decorate with Photos: Surround yourself with happy memories from throughout your life and even on the hardest days you can look at them and smile.

For more tips, FTD created this guide for creating a happier home. Check out the flowchart to find out if you are maximizing your space for happiness. Implement a few of these simple habits and see how just a few small changes can help you create a happier home.

Guest Article by: Haley Lyles

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