Simple ways to enjoy the small things in life

There are many big events in our life that we want to celebrate, and do so in style. Birthdays, new babies, weddings, and new jobs are all big events in our life that we often choose to mark in a particular way. They can be great fun to celebrate and do so with family and friends. But as great as they are, there are many small moments that make up our days and our weeks, that although don’t necessarily need a celebration of their own, are those things that make up the ‘fabric’ that is our lives. If you only think about the big things in life, and don’t take time to appreciate the smaller things, then it can be a little counterproductive.

If you only focus on the big things, then there can be a certain pressure on you. There could be pressure to plan a huge wedding or pressure to even get engaged. Nevermind pressure to get a new job or promotion; it can all add and actually impact our health, both physical and mental. So appreciating the small things each day, as well as the bigger things as and when they come along, can be a healthier way to live. With that in mind, here are some of the things that you can do to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in your life, and how it can help you to feel more grateful.


Take Notes

If there is something that has happened in your day that is meaningful or you have appreciated it, then write it down. You might have just had a colleague help with a project without you asking them to, or going out for lunch with a friend. Write it down and it will make you feel more appreciative. It will also be helpful to read back on the days when you are feeling low.

Compliment Someone

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t appreciate having a compliment? It will be hard to find someone. So why not make sure that you take time to compliment someone each day? Don’t force it, but be specific and be genuine. It can give you happier and more pleasant outlook, as well as helping you to appreciate the small things that you do like and are blessed to have.

Have Fun!

Life can be hard, but there is so much to be thankful for and to celebrate, even on the daily! So make sure that you are having fun in life, otherwise you are doing it all wrong. Look for small things to celebrate, like 420, for example. You can learn more about 420 online, but it is coming up on April 20th, where it is all about celebrating cannabis legalization around the world. You could celebrate other holidays like National Sibling Day or National Chocolate Week, as well as just looking for fun things to do as often as you can.

Looking at things with fresh eyes can make a difference to your outlook, and can go a long way to help your health and your happiness in life. So make sure that you enjoy the little things that make up your life.

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