Easy upgrades for your home to make life easier

Redecorating your home can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re into interior design. Big changes, however, can be expensive and time-consuming so they’re not always possible. However, there are lots of smaller, easy changes that you can make that will still upgrade your home and make your life easier and more pleasant. Here are just a few of these easy upgrades for a better life. 

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Buy The Right Pillows

How you dress your bed can make a real difference in how your bedroom looks. The right headboard and pillows can make your room look more sophisticated and more inviting. Headboards can be uncomfortable, even when padded, so treat yourself to some headboard pillows. They make the bed look finished, and are a lovely way to add color and texture to your bed.

For the pillows that you sleep on, spend some time working out what you find most comfortable. Do you prefer a firm or a fluffy pillow? Are you a back, side or front sleeper? Do you suffer from neck or shoulder pain? All of these requirements can be met with the right pillow, whether you splash out on a memory foam pillow or some new fluffy ones. With a more comfortable pillow, you’ll sleep better. 

Go Smart

You can set up practically your whole house these days to work alongside a smart home assistant like Google Home or Alexa. Smart lights, speakers, doorbells, vacuums, and many other gadgets can make your life easier with all sorts of skills like managing your security, turning on the lights when you come in with your hands full, turning on the coffee machine when your alarm goes off and playing learning games with kids. You can even buy smart ovens now to make your life even simpler. If you love the idea of your whole house running itself like this, then you’ll really like this review about smart ovens. 

Add Plants

Plants are a great decor addition. Opt for greenery instead of flowers, as these tend to last longer and need less maintenance. Succulents, ait plants and ivy are all very easy to grow and care for. 

Plants add color to your rooms and help to purify the air. Even fake plants can make a room look more welcoming if you invest in good quality ones. 

Add Functional Decor

Decorative items are fun, but basically all they do is take up space. Find some functional pieces that are also nice to look at or decorative items with a function to make your home work a little harder for you. 

For example, buy a sturdy, cube-shaped pouf, which look nice in the room while also acting as an extra seat or a side table. 

Make Use Of Under The Bed Storage

Under your bed is usually dead space, doing nothing except gathering dust. Use this space for extra storage space, that is convenient and out of sight. Use boxes on wheels to make it easy to roll the boxes in and out to get at what you want. This space is ideal for storing things like shoes, out-of-season clothes, toys, spare bedding or craft supplies. Hidden storage keeps the clutter out of sight while making good use of otherwise unused space. 

Switch Out Handles

If you can’t afford to replace your furniture or doors, you can make them look more expensive and unique in one very simple, cheap way. Replace the handles. Collect vintage handles from second-hand shops, or just choose some handles you like in the DIY store. Swap out drawer pulls, door handles, cabinet handles and more for an instantly upgraded look. This is a good trick for renters too, as you can just save the original handles and swap them back before you move out. 

Replace any doors or windows

In order to save your home some money on energy bills, it’s important to ensure your home is kept insulated. This will include fitting insulation into any wall space or roofing where possible, but it’s also important to check your windows and doors. These are vulnerable spots for letting out the heat and bringing in the cold air if they’re not the best quality and high-standard in insulation. Go around your home and check to see if you can feel any cold spots when it comes to your windows or doors. If there is, then it’s worth approaching a Window Manufacturer to get new ones fitted. You save yourself money on bills and you’ll be more comfortable in your home as a result.

Hang More Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the simplest upgrades for your home. They make small, dark spaces look larger and lighter by reflecting light back into the room. 

Choose a mirror with a beautiful design to make it a decor piece and choose the right mirrors for the right spaces to make them useful as well as beautiful. A full-length mirror is useful in the bedroom for checking your outfit. A large mirror in a well-lit place is good for makeup or skincare. A small mirror in the hallway by the front door is great for a last-minute check of your hair or makeup before you head out of the door. 

Buy second-hand for a good deal and a unique design. 

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