Boho Chic – The style that never dies

We are in the latter part of the first third of the year and already, we’re seeing huge shifts in the interior design world. It was to be expected, as with a new decade, comes the indelible challenge of creating new interior design styles. This process is lengthy and very tough to gauge. For so long, the postmodern-minimalist branch of styles has ruled the roost. Now designers and homeowners of all kinds have to make brand new decor statements and try to choose items that develop a new branch. However, to do this, older styles in the direction that is more attractive at present will be brought back to life. Boho-chic is a style that never dies in this respect.

Where to begin?

The bohemian style takes its inspiration from the hippie culture that began in the 60s and was fostered in the 70s. If you’re wondering where you should begin to implement this style, there’s only one place to focus on. The sofa should be in a funky groovy color. Think orange, green or purple. The sofa must not be in leather and instead be made out of fabric. You can go with synthetic, but if you do, go with nylon. This material is lightweight but it’s also soft to the touch as it’s the more refined option of the synthetic fabrics. The sofa cushions should be quite imaginative. Consider rainbow color polka dots, horizontal stripes and vibrant symmetrical patterns in a poncho-style. The spirit of the bohemian style lives on your sofa, it’s where it all began, so be adventurous!

The second hallmark

The sofa is the big cheese in the boho-chic style, however, the area rug is the second hallmark. Consider the types of styles that rugs from Joanna Gaines are made in. The Jozie Day Mongolian style is a top pick if you’re looking for outright authenticity. The symmetrical design of bright green leaves and plants is exactly the type of style that hippies would have in their home. If you want something in an earth tone manner, the Kasuri is the best option. Blue, orange and yellow patterns that are again, in a symmetrical fashion, would fit into most boho-chic homes. Remember, the second part of the style is to be ‘chic’, so you have to be willing to be adventurous and not always stick to the old-school designs. The area rug has to go into the living room, but you shouldn’t be afraid to place it in your bedroom too. You’re making a truly ‘humble abode’ so take on a holistic approach.

Listening to nature

The great thing about the boho-chic style is, it welcomes nature with open arms. Consider placing a wind chime outside your front and back doors. If you live in a part of the world where you experience regular breezes, you should choose a chime that isn’t too loud as to disturb the neighbors. Go with iron instead of copper or tin for the material.

The boho-chic is being used as a platform to begin new styles. If you want a head start in the interior design revolution 2020 will be witnessing, then quickly buy some funky sofa pillows. 

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