Postpartum and Pulling Through – Episode 3

Take Away’s

  • Do not be afraid to admit something is not right. Mental Health is nothing to be ashamed of. Proactivness is the first step in healing.
  • When asked how you feel by your doctor – be honest. COMMUNICATE.
  • Be open and reach out for help the minute you feel “off.”
  • Take meds as a last resort – Try to resolve everything naturally first.
  • Lose the booze – alcohol is a depressant and will make post part 10 x worst if you are self medicating.
  • Fill the void – Find your spirituality and CONNECT TO IT. Put your spirituality first above all anything you need this to heal and pull out the thorns of pain from your heart.
  • Allow your self grace and time to get through to the other side.
  • It is okay to not be okay.
  • Your are not selfish for working on yourself – your family and business need you at one hundred percent.

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