5 Ways You Can Save Space In Your Wardrobe

5 Ways You Can Save Space in Your Wardrobe

Some of us having a big wardrobe could be nothing but a dream, but this does not mean you can’t get an organised closet. So size doesn’t matter, you need to find smart ways to work with the space that you have either big or small. Not forgetting having an organised space not only saves time when you’re trying to get your work clothes in those chaotic mornings but also gives you a sense of peace seeing everything nicely organised in colours or size. 

Let’s get to organising your wardrobe in just five simple ways and save space.

  1. Try the colour code method.

During those hectic mornings, we tend to need an extra hand in quickly coordinating our outfits, so how about doing this beforehand with the colour coding technique. Try and organise your clothes by colour; this will help you quickly identify your favourite matching combos in just a glimpse. As you organise your clothes you will come across some that do not coordinate with anything, and if you are completely honest you probably don’t wear them a lot, so why not donate these and create more space.

  1. Height order your clothes

Another easy method to create more space is by arranging your clothes according to their height. Instead of having a one long rode going across your wardrobe, how about having two different rods installed. One can be at the top of your closet then another rod beneath it. Have the heights different, this way you have shorter clothes on the top rode while your long dresses and pants can be on the lower rode. 

  1. Ensure your hangers are working

Your hangers need to do some work, therefore try and invest in hangers that can hang more than one garment, preferably those that carry up to five garments. This way, instead of having just one shirt on the hanger you are able to hang about five of your shirts, and this only takes up the space of one hanger; living you with more room to work with. 

  1. How about a shelf divider?

If your wardrobe has a shelve, then this is a perfect space to work with; however, there is a risk for your items falling into a chaotic mess. This is where the shelf dividers come into play, no more tank tops spilling over to the t-shirts territory, everything is neatly folded away in its own space.

  1. Try some DIY project.

As you are trying to save on space, why not save on costs too. Make your own storage boxes to store away the unruly bags and belts. With a simple card box, cut it down to your preferred size once you have cut out the top flaps, now to personalise it, wrap it with some pretty wrapping paper and label each box. Your wardrobe will immediately look cute and still organised. 


With these five simple helpful tips you can’t say you don’t have enough space in your wardrobe, there is no reason you can’t stay organised with your closet space.

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