Is your home to synthetic?

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Modern homes can sometimes have a sterile and unnatural feel to them. This is often the result of too many synthetic materials, too much synthetic lighting and too many synthetic scents.

By embracing more natural elements, you could make your home feel warmer and cosier. It could even make your home a healthier environment. Below are just some of the ways to make your home less synthetic.

Ditch fake plants for real ones

Plastic plants require less maintenance – and many are convincing enough to look like the real thing. However, they do not have the same health benefits as real plants. On top of being a fresh source of oxygen, houseplants can help to remove toxins from the air. Studies show that they can also improve sleep quality during the night and boost concentration during the day. All in all, it’s good to have real plants in your home.

Incorporate more wood and stone

Wood and stone are natural materials that can have many purposes around the home. Instead of using these materials, many of us use synthetic materials in their place. These synthetic materials can be cheaper, but are often poorer quality and less healthy (many of them give off toxic VOCs).

Consider places in your home in which you may be unnecessarily using synthetic materials. This could include a linoleum floor or synthetic stone countertops. By replacing these with bamboo flooring and genuine stone countertops, it could give your kitchen a much more rustic and homely feel. There may similarly be artificial fabrics that you can swap out for natural fabrics.

Embrace earth colours

Certain colours could also be creating an unnatural feel in your home. This could include glossy whites, bright reds and bright yellows. While these colours can be great for brightening up a home, too many of them could have a jarring effect.

Earth colours such as greens, browns, greys and creams could make your home feel calmer. Consider whether your home could benefit from these colours.

Try organic scents

Many of us use chemical air fresheners to make our homes smell good. While these can have nice aromas, they can also release harmful VOCs into the air.

Consider whether swapping out chemical air fresheners for natural scents could be an option. Air diffusers are a great way to introduce natural scents around your home. You may even be able to create your own scents by cooking ingredients like orange peels and vanilla pods on a stove.

Maximise natural light

It could also be worth considering the lighting in your home. Natural light is much healthier for us – it’s a source of vitamin D, which is important for our skin, bones and mental health. By maximising natural light in your home instead relying on artificial light, you could make your home a healthier environment.

This could include adding skylights in ceilings or using mirrors to reflect light from windows. It could even be a simple case of throwing back the curtain during the day instead of using a lamp.

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