10 ways to revamp your home.

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We are always looking at ways to revamp our homes. We have some small changes you can make to make your home look brand new. Check out our tips below.

1 Paint

Painting your walls can be a small and effective way to freshen up your space. We recommend painting your walls a neutral tone, this allows you to change the colour scheme through your furnishings whenever you want. If you don’t fancy a complete colour change, then a repaint of the same colour will give your rooms a new lease of life.

2 Windows

Give all your windows a clean inside and out to allow in plenty of light. Make a statement with some curtains, shutters and blinds, they can provide a good amount of privacy and allow light to filter in.

3 Rugs

Adding a rug to a room with hard flooring can instantly make it feel warm and cosy. Either make it neutral to blend in or make it bright as a statement piece. For a modern look, go for a rug with an abstract pattern, or if your feeling inspired, create your own bespoke rug, there are many websites to help guide you.

4 Furnishings

Cushions and throws can transform your space into a cosy inviting area to sit or sleep. They are great as they are interchangeable with colors between seasons. For spring and summer, have yellows, light blues and pinks and for Autumn winter colours, opt for dark oranges, Burgundy and browns.

5 Refurbish your Fireplace

If you own a fireplace giving it a refurbish can really bring your living room to life. It is usually a focal point, so revamping it by giving it a clean will make a lot of difference.

6 Recover Your Old Furniture

If you have a sofa or chair that is looking tired and worn, then consider recovering it. It feels good to recycle old furniture and you get to keep the style and make it look brand new at the same time, you could even change the colour if you fancy something a little different.

7 Swap Out You Kitchen Splashback

A subtle change of your kitchen splashback can make a huge difference to your aesthetic. Replace with some patterned tiles or smooth glass.

8 Re-vinyl your cabinets

To go a little further in your kitchen, think about changing the vinyl on the cabinets, they may have become dirty or damaged from day to day wear and tear, so re-covering them with vinyl will make them look brand new, Don’t stop there though, as your bathroom ones might need doing too.

9 Add plants

Inserting a few pots of plants can bring colour to your home as well as bringing in some fresh oxygen. If you’re not green thumbed, then opt for a succulent plant such as a cactus.

10 Have a Spring Clean Giving your home a deep clean can make any house look better, hide away the clutter and dust all the shelves and your home will look fresh and presentable in no time. For Clutter cleaning tips, check out How clutter not only looks bad but makes you feel bad.

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