On With The Butter

In today’s episode you will not want to miss Heidi Herman as she shares the memoirs of her mother. She was adventuring up until 93 and lived one inspirational life. With 10 children she taught them each to live their lives with the same excitement and enthusiasm for adventure and moments. You will feel inspired today to truly LIVE not just be in existance.
When was the last time you felt truly on fire inside?
I truly believe the secret to happiness is that excitement for life. Not the money, the materials, but true experiences.
I challenge you this week before bed to think of something tomorrow you are excited for! Is it a phone call? An interview? Meeting with a friend?
Let me introduce to you Heidi’s mama because I think we could all get a beautiful laugh out of this! I could only aspire to be this thriving in my 90’s.

The book “On With The Butter” was inspired by the Icelandic phrase to Just Keep Moving Forward no matter what!
(I think we could all use this motivation especially in the times we are currently in.)
Blessed Be Goddesses – Until Next Time.

Connect with Heidi on the gram @HeidiHermanAuthor or follow her mothers memoirs and life story @4vikingamma

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