Could this be the calm space your inner goddess is crying out for?

Back when we went to the office, creating ‘the right’ working space didn’t even enter our minds. At most, we’d put a few personal piccies on our desks, but that was literally it. Everything else fell on our manager’s shoulders. 

Now, with our lives turned homeward bound and our work along with them, achieving an office design that’s right for you should be a priority. Unfortunately for many of us, home work came into play overnight, leading to put-me-up offices and cardboard box desks that, all these months later, you might still be making do with.

But, as any manager who’s tackled office decor will tell you, the space you work in has a huge impact. As such, a rushed arrangement is never going to help you to achieve. To do that, you’ll want to listen to your inner Goddess when she cries out for an office space with these benefits. 

Less is more

If you’ve never sorted an office setup before, there’s a real temptation to go overboard. Before you know it, you’re working among a library of books, squeezing past a sofa to get to your desk, and practically tripping over house plants. But, less is always more where working spaces are concerned. After all, your surroundings typically reflect your headspace. This is why office designers have long switched to the minimal. Achieve that same goal by stripping this space back to your desk and computer, then think hard about whether anything else is really necessary. 

Picture Credit: CC0 Licence

Let light in

Dark spaces don’t serve any purpose other than misery. By comparison, the introduction of daylight has proven to lift mood, and productivity right along with it. With that in mind, open the floodlights on your currently dingy office. Even if you’re working in the corner of a room, positioning your desk next to an open window can make a huge difference. If you’ve got a room or outbuilding dedicated to your remote work journey, take this one step further with the incorporation of skylights or french doors. Then, sit back and let your inner goddess bask in the creativity of that natural glow.

Lock the door

As Virginia Woolf said, every woman needs a room of her own, and you’re no different. If you want to do your best work right now, you’ll implement this sentiment with a locked office door. After all, if people can walk right in, you’re guaranteed to fall foul to interruptions galore. That’s terrible news for workflow, not to mention that it can leave you feeling like you haven’t got anywhere to be by yourself. Luckily, changing this couldn’t be easier. Get a lock on that door, or a padlock if needs be. Either way, make sure that no one can barge into that special working space. 

We aren’t saying that these tips will point you towards the perfect office, but they will undeniably lay the right foundations. Once you’ve taken care of these, you can truly get down to the task of creating a goddess-worthy working setup.

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