Add Value To Your Home With Three Simple Steps

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If you are looking to maximize your largest asset this year, the chances are that you are looking to your property as a source of equity. If you have been a homeowner for a few years, now might be the time to get your pad working more aggressively for you. A humble abode that is well coiffed, newly renovated, and in a desirable location makes for a fantastic investment. Adding value to your home may mean adding square footage, upgrading key features or enhancing the facade or curb appeal of the pad. Take a look at these three simple ways you can add value to your home.

Look Up

The structure of your home is crucial to its maintenance. Consider the roof of your home as the final piece in the structural jigsaw. You may spy the odd slipped slate or cracked tile. Get these fixed or replaced as soon as possible. If you spot slightly more alarming signs of bowing or sagging, it’s time to get the specialists from Lone Star Roofing out to take a look. Your rafters may be rotting and losing their structural integrity because of rot caused by moisture leakage. This could mean that your entire roof needs replacing. Don’t assume that this is a waste of money or an expense that you should put off. A new roof that is more energy efficient and modern can add value to your home.

Square Footage

To add the most value to your home, you need to consider adding as much space as possible. Consider venturing into your attic space and consider a loft conversion. By adding another floor to your home, you could add a bedroom, master suite and bathroom to your pad. Making it more palatial will increase its desirability and the demographic that could move in. Alternatively, you might wish to extend outwards. Large open plan kitchen diners are hugely fashionable at the moment as they are fit for twenty first century living. Homeowners crave spacious rooms that are multi-functional. A large kitchen diner can be the space where you watch the kids do homework as you cook up a feast or the area where you enjoy a date night with your partner. 

Maximize the amount of light in your home to enhance the illusion of space. Add a skylight or install bifold doors onto your garden. The more light you have in your home, the more spacious it appears as and when you come to sell.


Don’t assume that you should focus on the interior of your home to add value. The quality of the exterior of your home is vital to add value to your pad. Paint the render on your humble abode to add brightness. Consider installing a fresh new front door. And power wash the driveway to create a more welcoming entrance. Tidy the garbage bins away and cut back the jungle like gardens. Enjoy a more coiffed and usable rear garden to create a more spacious outdoor area.

Being a homeowner gives you the luxury to add value to your very own asset. Follow this guide and allow your home to work for you financially.

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