4 home decor ideas to revamp your space

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Designing your home can be enthralling. But the process can also be overwhelming. From choosing the right wall décor, and furniture to getting the perfect color, home decoration can take a toll on you. Regardless of your style, both small and big picture details are equally important.

Here are four designer-approved home decoration ideas to inspire you as you refresh your space.

1.     Create a Gallery Wall or add Ceiling Tiles

An amazing extra pop to any space can be created by simply adding ceiling tiles. The artistic addition is a conversation starter for sure! There are so many possibilities from making a low ceiling appear higher to delicate detail and designs.

A gallery wall depicts your creativity. The well-curated display of photos has become more popular over the last few decades. It provides an easy way to transform bland walls, update your interiors, bring some personality and character, and create a focal point in your house.

A gallery wall doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. It’s about bringing your pieces together and creating your personality. Try different types of wall art and incorporate different styles. It can be a mixture of colors, image topography, or patterns.

You can purchase a curated set of wall prints to hand on the wall. Start making a collection of all favorite pieces from original art to photograph and handmade prints. Look for inspirations in home shows, online, exhibitions, as well as in restaurants. 

2.      Experiment with Daring Colors

Normal can be boring! Get outside the neutrals and give your home an alluring appearance. From a classic orange living room to a striking and red dining area, these colors give your space a bold and unique look.

Gray walls paired with bright accessories and patterned floor provides sophisticated and cheerful hues. An all-white room is a neutral foundation to experiment with various colors. Add at least two colors to get a cohesive look.

A red sofa is a delightful pop of color that can stay grounded with neutral, pale walls. With little planning and consideration, you create an impressive impact.

3.     Create a Better Flow

When it comes to furniture, it’s not about where you place it, but how you arrange it. You can at least have a similar piece in each room, either in shape or color. It can be a round coffee table to ensure people don’t bump their knees while walking around.

More so, create a theme. Remember your home is a sanctuary and the mix of colors should speak to your soul and accentuate your style. Bright walls will suit dull-colored sofas and vice versa. 

More so, let the primetime viewing suit your style. Choose a slim TV and mount it flat against the wall. The sitting arrangement should make viewing comfortable. No straining necks!

4.     Don’t Forget Your Exterior

Often, people neglect the exterior part of a home. This is the first place visitors see before getting into your house. 

Exterior shutters give your windows a sophisticated look. Window awnings give your home a unique design and block hot summer rays. You can also revamp the outdoor garden by seeking services from patio builders.

Home décor is not limited to interiors. It’s a holistic facelift—all the way from the entrance point to the outdoor kitchen, doors, windows, to your bedroom.


Giving your home a new look creates a conducive and peaceful environment. Unleash your creativity and create the home you want.

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