How to make your yoga studio stand out

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If you are a yoga practitioner then you may dream of one day owning your own studio. Yoga has become so popular in the last few years that many cities now have numerous competing studios within short distances of each other. If you do want to own a studio someday you will have to think about how to make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some top tips to consider when building your dream studio. 

Stunning Design

Imagine a studio that can be filled with fresh air and daylight on sunny days, but still provides a warm and comfortable haven in the bad weather. Consider whether there is space for vergolas roofing. The outdoor roofing system can provide shade and cover when needed but can be fully opened when the weather is great. The versatility of vergolas allows you to create a studio that can respond to the environment and the needs of the participants. Think about how the design of your studio will help participants feel comfortable and relaxed going into and out of classes. 

Variety Of Classes

Some people may be looking for a regular weekly yoga class, others may want a yoga detox or a 5-day intensive experience. There are many different styles of yoga that can be delivered now to suit all sorts of different lifestyles and habits. The more variety you can have with the classes you offer, the more likely it will be that people will seek you out. Look at the type of classes being offered in your area and see if there is a gap in the market. For instance, you may be qualified to work with pregnant people and that could become what you are known for. Or you may have a particular knack for motivating children and young people to partake in classes. Think creatively about what niche in the market you can fill. 

Variety of Teachers

If you run a studio then it is highly unlikely you will have time to deliver every class yourself. Having a pool of teachers you can work with gives you many strengths. If you become sick or go on holiday you can have another teacher take your classes and you will not lose your custom to other studios. The variety also offers a choice to your clients. They could go to a range of your classes and they may find a particular tutor with who they click well. Try to find tutors who will complement the style of classes you teach and can offer something different to your customers. 

Holistic Products

As a studio, you should consider what other products you can sell to your customers. If you have a built-up trust and rapport with your clients they will be willing to purchase products you recommend. These could be items directly related to yoga such as mats and blocks or other holistic products that boost health and wellbeing. Try to only stock products you would buy yourself and that way you can be very genuine in your recommendations.

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